How old is Jennie Bond and who is her husband James Keltz?

JENNIE Bond is one of the BBC’s most recognisable faces thanks to her career as a Royal correspondent.

Here’s what we know about the BBC journalist who spent 14 years following the British monarchy… 

Who is Jennie Bond?

Jennie Bond was born Jennifer Bond on August 19, 1950.

She started her journalism career in print before moving to BBC Radio in 1977 where she produced Women’s House and other programmes.

In 1988 she began to report on television for the BBC, becoming the Corporation’s Royal correspondent the following year.

Jennie covered the Royal Family for 14 years
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Jennie’s appointment as Royal correspondent meant she had access to all of the British monarchy, but she formed a particularly good relationship with Princess Diana.

Jennie witnessed the collapse of Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles and enjoyed a long off-the-record chat with her, where Diana confided her feelings about her failed marriage to Charles and his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Jennie found the Princess to be “so interesting” and also witnessed her kindness.

After leaving the BBC in 2003, Bond appeared in Matt Lucas and David Walliams’ comedy series Little Britain for an episode.

In 2004 she appeared in ITV reality show I‘m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! where she finished in third place.

Jennie Bond and husband James W. Keltz  

Who is Jennie Bond married to?

Jennie married her husband, James W. Keltz, in 1982. Keltz has also been a journalist but he put his career to one side to be a house husband and support Jennie’s journalistic aspirations.

“My best friend is my husband of more than 40 years.

“We know each other inside out. We share everything and don’t have any secrets,” Jennie once told The Express.

How many children does Jennie Bond have?

Jennie Bond and her husband James W. Keltz, who she affectionately calls Jim, have one child together, a daughter called Emma who was born in 1990.

“I’d have loved to have had a much bigger family. My biggest regret is that I only have one child,” Jennie once told The Mirror.

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