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Don’t expect a picture of post-Brexit prosperity from arrogant Philip Hammond after his outrageous Project Fear scaremongering

CHANCELLOR Phil Hammond makes his big speech to the Tory faithful in ­Birmingham today. Don’t expect a picture of post-Brexit prosperity. He is also writing his ­ Halloween Budget on October 29 . Nobody is hoping for voter-friendly treats. Nobody is hoping for voter-friendly treats in arrogant Eeyore’s Halloween Budget For a man in charge of our economic destiny at such a momentous time, this “ stubby-pencilled accountant ” has precious little to say. It seems he even remained mute at a recent Cabinet session to war-game a No-Deal Brexit — surely the Chancellor of the Exchequer ’s special subject. Well-informed Spectator editor Fraser Nelson says other ministers piled in with upbeat projects but Hammond “seemed to have no ideas and kept quiet”. Spreadsheet Phil possesses either supreme self-confidence or total contempt for the 17.4million who voted for Brexit , or both. The man who a year ago faced political death has become the most powerful figure in Theresa May’s Cabinet

'I'm not bluffing' Defiant May vows to DELIVER BREXIT as pressure grows

THERESA May has insisted she is “not bluffing” in her pledge to deliver Brexit wit or without a deal with the EU.

Gibraltar chief Fabian Picardo urges Theresa May to channel Churchill and stick to her ‘solid’ Chequers plan

THERESA May is under fresh pressure not to ditch her Chequers plan from the boss of Gibraltar. In a rare Brexit boost for the PM, the Rock’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo says Mrs May’s plan is the only “solid deal” that will protect the United Kingdom and keep trade flowing. PA:Press Association Gibraltar chief Fabian Picardo’s intervention comes as Remain backing Tory MPs prepare to convince the PM to hold a second referendum[/caption] Urging Mrs May to channel “Nelson, Churchill and the heroes of the Falklands war”, Mr Picardo warned Chequers is how to square the result of referendum without Britain losing out. And he told The Sun: “ Gibraltar has always been there for the British people . “Now Britain is there for us, making sure that the good things we had from the EU are not lost.” He added: “The way ahead is a solid deal keeping the best of our EU days but respecting the wish to do things our own way, the British way. AFP In a rare Brexit boost for the PM Chief M

ESCAPE FROM EU! Rees-Mogg urges Tories to back Hardest Brexit and not pay a SINGLE PENNY

JACOB Rees-Mogg has laid the gauntlet to Theresa May at the Tory Party Conference - urging Conservatives to back his hard Brexit plan and "not pay a single penny" to the European Union.

Conservative conference 2018: Liam Fox trashes Labour and urges GET BEHIND BREXIT!

TORY minister Liam Fox lashed out at doom-mongering Remainers as he set out his bold global trade plan for Brexit Britain.

'Who do YOU BELIEVE?' Davis questions whether Brits REALLY 'trust' Barnier on Brexit

DAVID DAVIS questioned whether the British public would trust Michel Barnier and Jean-Claude Juncker over David Trimble on the key Brexit issue of the Irish border.

Italy’s THREAT to EU - Deficit spending to INCREASE next year - 'EU made debt EXPLODE'

ITALY has vowed to significantly raise deficit spending next year as the nation’s president and central bank governor warned Rome’s debt must remain sustainable and threatened to fight the European Union to keep the budget which has seen the euro plummet.

Hunt Compares EU to USSR

Image The new Foreign Secretary has launched into a spirited defence of Brexiteers at the start of Tory Conference and even compared the EU to the USSR: “At the moment you, European friends, seem to think the way to keep the club together is to punish a member who leaves, not just with economic disruption, but even by breaking up the United Kingdom with a border down the Irish Sea… “The EU was set up to protect freedom – it was the Soviet Union that stopped people leaving. The lesson from history is clear – if you turn the EU club into a prison, the desire to get out of it won’t diminish, it will grow, and we won’t be the only prisoner that wants to escape…” This is remarkably punchy rhetoric, particularly given that Hunt was calling for a second referendum after the vote in 2016. It’s impossible not to see this through the prism of leadership – it looks a clear bid to win over the party’s pro-Brexit base. Probably

'Classic cherry picking!' Marr rips into Labour's Brexit strategy in Tom Watson clash

BBC host Andrew Marr ripped into the Labour Party’s Brexit strategy claiming they were “cherry picking” with their approach, during a heated on-air clash with Tom Watson.

EU bosses are acting like Soviet Communists by trying to punish Britain for Brexit, Jeremy Hunt blasts

THE EU is acting like the Soviet Union by trapping Britain in a “prison” and refusing to let us leave, Jeremy Hunt blasted today. The Foreign Secretary warned Brussels bosses are undermining the “European dream” and could end up driving other countries out with their bossy behaviour. Jeremy Hunt speaking at the Tory party conferenceAFP Mr Hunt channelled Thatcher and Churchill in his crowd-pleasing party conference speech which is likely to be seen as the opening shot in a future leadership bid. The former Health Secretary voted Remain in the 2016 referendum but has since become a convert to the Brexit cause. Speaking at the party gathering in Birmingham this evening, he hit out at the EU for treating Britain badly in a bid to punish us for voting to leave. Mr Hunt said: “What happened to the confidence and ideals of the European dream? The EU was set up to protect freedom. It was the Soviet Union that stopped people leaving. Mr Hunt arriving for his speech earlier today

'Chuck Chequers' Alternative Conservative Party conference urge May to DESTROY EU plan

GRASSROOTS Tories are set to have their first chance to give their verdict on Theresa May’s controversial Brexit plan.

Tory rebels plot to bring down Theresa May and install new PM who will call a second EU referendum

REBEL pro-EU Tories are plotting to bring down Theresa May and install a cross-party government as a last resort to cancel Brexit, it emerged today. Ringleader Dominic Grieve has admitted he could back a new government, consisting of both Tory and Labour MPs, which would exist for the sole purpose of calling a second referendum. Remainer MPs are threatening to bring down Theresa MayGetty Images - Getty And he claimed as many as 100 Conservative MPs are prepared to support the move , which would see Mrs May kicked out of power and replaced by a stand-in PM. Furious Brexiteers accused the ex-minister of “rank disloyalty” over the apparent threat. Mr Grieve said a second referendum is needed because the Prime Minister won’t be able to force her Chequers deal through the Commons. He told the New Statesman his preferred option would be for the current Government to accept a rerun of the referendum. Dominic Grieve says he could support a cross-party governmentAFP or licensors B

EU trying to 'RUN DOWN the clock' Davis predicts 'scary few months' for May in Brexit blow

FORMER Brexit Secretary David Davis has claimed the UK is in for a “scary” for months as he predicts the European Union will try to use the Brexit deadline to their advantage in exit negotiations.

'Will you compromise?' Marr puts Theresa May on the spot over her Brexit blueprint

PRIME Minister Theresa May was put on the spot by BBC host Andrew Marr over whether she was prepared to “compromise” on her Chequers plan in negotiations with the European Union.

Ruth Davidson Firmly Rejects Second EU Referendum

Image Leading Remainer Ruth Davidson has firmly rejected the possibility of a second EU referendum, saying she would be an “enormous hypocrite” for supporting one: “When it comes to the possibility of re-running referendums, I would be an enormous hypocrite if I said ‘just because there was one that I had lost as a Remainer we should immediately re-run it’ when I’ve spent four years in Scotland saying that Nicola Sturgeon shouldn’t get another one on independence because that’s one that I won…” Tory Remainers agitating for a second referendum could take a lesson from Ruth on what political principles look like… The post Ruth Davidson Firmly Rejects Second EU Referendum appeared first on Guido Fawkes .

Brandon: Tories Fully Investigating Data Breach

Image Conservative Party Chairman Brandon Lewis responds to the major data breach yesterday on the party’s conference app. Not what the Tories wanted to be talking about this morning… The post Brandon: Tories Fully Investigating Data Breach appeared first on Guido Fawkes .

What has Theresa May said about Brexit? What does the Prime Minister’s Article 50 letter say?

BRITAIN is due to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019, but the terms of the departure remain unclear. Theresa May has said talks on a divorce deal are at an impasse. Here’s what you need to know. Theresa May arrives at the Conservative Party ConferenceRex Features What has Theresa May said about Brexit? May supported the UK remaining in the EU during the referendum campaign but was not a prominent campaigner. Her entire premiership has been devoted to ensuring Britain has a smooth departure from the EU. May’s Brexit plan proposes that Britain stick close to EU rules in return for remaining in the bloc’s single market for goods. EU leaders have rejected that idea, saying the UK is trying to cherry-pick benefits of being in the 28-nation bloc without assuming the costs and responsibilities. Theresa May arrives for the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show during the Conservative Party Conference in BirminghamReuters Speaking ahead of the Tory party conference, Mrs May told

Donald Trump rally: US leader accuses Democrats of ‘RANSACKING’ US wealth in brash tirade

DONALD Trump launched a scathing attack on his Democratic opponents at a rally in West Virginia on Saturday evening, accusing the party of threatening to “run down the values” of the United States and “ransacking the nation’s wealth”.

Theresa May accuses Boris of ‘PLAYING POLITICS’ in sharp rebuke on eve of conference

THERESA MAY sent a thinly-veiled attack to Boris Johnson, accusing those who refuse to support her Chequers proposal of “playing politics” with the future of millions of British citizens.