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Order! Bercow expenses REVEALED - including Sky Sports subscription and photos for ‘fans’

JOHN BERCOW has found himself embroiled in more controversy after it emerged he spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on extravagant trips abroad, TV subscriptions and drink receptions. Continued .... Read the full article Here

We must put No Deal back in play to ensure positive engagement from the EU at the negotiating table

How should the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister deal with Brexit? Only by facing the facts and then acting with energy and decisiveness. First, we need to acknowledge the mistakes of the past few years. It was a mistake to agree a short Brexit timetable without a clear understanding of how that timetable could be achieved; not to recognise that the narrow but decisive referendum vote could and should form the basis within Parliament for an agreed withdrawal deal; to allow the EU to dissociate the financial settlement from the overall deal; and above all not to prepare from the outset for No Deal. Secondly, we need to be clear about the mood of the country. There are feelings of division not seen in our recent history. It is fanciful to imagine that a second referendum could address them, and a general election would create chaos. The only solution to this division is for this country to leave the EU on or before 31st October. Thirdly, we need to recognise the impact of th

Jeremy Hunt denies he's 'flip-flopping' on No Deal

The UK's Foreign Secretary faced a backlash from Leave supporters this week after warning Brexit might have to be delayed again to avoid a 'suicidal' No Deal departure. * This article was originally published here

No-one seeking to lead our nation should be making economically illiterate claims about No Deal

One would have thought that the Conservative Party would have got the message. Maybe they have, maybe they haven’t. Time will tell – but the early signs are not very good. No sooner had three of their leadership candidates Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab and Esther McVey stated the obvious that the UK needs to leave the EU by 31st October, deal or no deal, than Jeremy Hunt went on air to say ‘no deal would be a disaster for the country’ and that he would seek to re-open Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement. Then Chancellor Philip Hammond darkly implies that there is ‘no mandate for no deal’ and that he might support a vote of no-confidence in any Conservative government which tried to leave on those terms. What part of misunderstanding the desires of their core support do they not get? 65% of Conservative supporters voted Leave at the 2016 referendum. The Conservative Party saw their share of the vote drop from 23% (already an all-time low) at the 2014 European election to 9.1% when the v

SAJID JAVID: 'NO, I won't back second referendum, NO, I won't call a general election

EXCLUSIVE: The Home Secretary and prime ministerial hopeful writes that he is the leader who can unite the Conservative Party and the country behind a credible Brexit plan. * This article was originally published here

EU SHOCK: What does GREEN WAVE mean for politics? ‘It is BEST for Europe!’

The Green Party’s success in Germany’s European Elections has been described as the “best thing for Europe”. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Javid's plan to sort out Brexit if he becomes the next Prime Minister

He believes technology exists to avoid a hard border in Ireland without needing the controversial backstop and will even offer to pay tens of millions to help pay for the equipment. * This article was originally published here

Trump aide John Bolton says Brexit is a ‘triumph of democracy’ and will boost Britain on the world stage

DONALD Trump’s top aide John Bolton has branded Brexit a chance for the UK to become a “strong and independent country”. The US National Security Adviser said Trump was a supporter of Britain leaving the EU and believed it would have a positive impact on the world. John Bolton, Donald Trump’s right hand man on national security and foreign affairs AP:Associated Press Bolton said the US is a supporter of Brexit AFP or licensors Speaking to the Telegraph on the eve of Trump’s state visit next week, Bolton said: “The US preference is for Britain to follow the course of what the people asked for and leave the EU. “It is a lesson for everyone in the triumph of democracy. “As a separate nation again, Britain’s impact on the world  has the prospect of being even greater. “I think it will help us in Nato in particular to have another strong and independent country that will help Nato to  be more effective, and that has to be a plus.” Bolton, an ex-US Ambassador to the UN and veteran poll: Who would YOU vote for in General Election? Have your say

BRITISH politics is in a state of chaos, with the country divided between Remain and Leave following 2016’s shock Brexit result. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Farage BANNED by No10 from meeting Trump during state visit claims Brexit Party leader

NIGEL Farage has claimed he has been banned by Number 10 from meeting Donald Trump during his state visit next week. Continued .... Read the full article Here

CBI boss warns Tory leadership hopefuls to avoid ‘SEVERE’ damage of no deal Brexit

BUSINESS chiefs have told Tory leadership contenders a no deal Brexit will cause “severe” damage to British industry. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Remainer prosecuting Boris Johnson called British voters ‘THICK’ for voting for Brexit

A REMAINER who crowdfunded £370,000 in a bid to prosecute Boris Johnson over his Brexit campaign called British voters “thick” for voting to leave the EU and said they were “not capable of making these hugely complex decisions”. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Who is Rory Stewart and what is his stance on Brexit? Tory MP joins the leadership race to become the new Prime Minister

TORY MP Rory Stewart has become an internet sensation after Theresa May resigned as PM. But who is he and what is his stance on Brexit? Here’s what we know. Rory Stewart is vying to become the next PM Getty Images - Getty Who is Rory Stewart? Rory Stewart was born on January 3, 1973, in British Hong Kong. He has served as Tory MP for Pennith and The Border since 2010. He is married to Shoshana Clark and they have one son named Alexander Wolf Stewart. From 2016 to 2018, Stewart served as Minister of State at the Department for International Development and Minister of State for Africa. In January 2018 he was appointed Minister of State for Prisons. Under David Cameron’s administration he was a Minister of the Environment. Following Gavin Williamson ’s dismissal from the Government, Mr Stewart took Penny Mordaunt ’s Cabinet seat in the Department for International Development when she was made Defence Secretary . Did Mr Stewart announce his leadership bid? Mr Stewart told

Indy Complains Too Many “White Men” in Tory Leadership Race

Dominated by white men? Errr, who is going to tell them…. The post Indy Complains Too Many “White Men” in Tory Leadership Race appeared first on Guido Fawkes . * This article was originally published here

BREXIT LIVE: Don’t make promises! New PM will NOT be able to block no deal - SHOCK WARNING

THERESA MAY’S successor cannot guarantee the UK will not exit the European Union without a deal, the boss of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry has warned. Continued .... Read the full article Here

London Chamber of Commerce Hits Back at CBI’s No Deal Scare

The CBI have waded into the Tory leadership race with an entirely predictable open letter sent to all the candidates warning against the supposed horrors of a no-deal Brexit. They might as well just auto-schedule the same press release every three weeks. It’s only going to get worse when ultra-Remain fanatic Lord Bilimoria takes over as CBI President… Not all business groups share their pessimism – now the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry has hit back at the CBI, with chief executive David Frost pointing out the obvious logical flaws with the CBI’s hardline position: “It is all very well to insist the next Prime Minister must avoid Brexit on WTO terms and instead strike a deal with the EU. But no Prime Minister can actually guarantee that. “That is because it isn’t just a UK decision: it’s also for the EU. That is why, as we have said, business needs to be confident that Government is still preparing for a No Deal Brexit and engaging fully with business organisations and i

Peterborough by-election Tory candidate claims May’s resignation will 'HELP' him win

PETERBOROUGH by-election Tory candidate Paul Bristow said Theresa May’s resignations are going to “help” his chances of becoming the constituency’s MP. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Nigel Farage claims No10 have ‘BANNED’ him from seeing Donald Trump when he visits Britain

NIGEL Farage today claimed he’s been stopped from seeing his “friend” Donald Trump when he visits Britain next week. The Brexit Party boss slammed the “small minded and petty” move he claims Downing Street officials have made. Nigel Farage says he’s been told Trump’s team were instructed not to meet with him Not known, clear with picture desk Nigel Farage has claimed he’s ‘friends’ with Donald Trump and the pair talk on the phone London News Pictures In an exclusive interview with the Sun Online, Mr Farage blasted: “The one person in this country who has a good bridge to Donald Trump, is me. You would have thought I might actually be useful to the British Government.” A Downing Street spokesman said today: “Who the President meets during his visit is of course a matter for him.” In a wide-ranging interview Mr Farage revealed he regularly chats to the US President over the phone about how we’re going to leave the EU. He also said: He will stand to become an MP again in the nex

YouGov Justify Not Prompting for the Brexit Party

YouGov not prompting for the Brexit Party in this morning’s bombshell poll when it is polling second in Westminster voting intentions and won the Euros has riled a lot of their supporters. Anthony Wells has written an explainer and makes this justification: “…like many pollsters we overstated support for the Brexit Party, putting them at 37% compared to the 31.6% they actually achieved in Great Britain. Over the next few weeks, we will also be looking at the possible causes of that overstatement, and whether there was something to do with turnout, undecided voters or our weighting or sampling scheme that led to us having too many Brexit voters in our final poll.” However, it’s worth remembering their final poll for the 2017 General Election predicted a 7% gap between the Tories and Labour, in the election itself this shrunk by the same margin to just 2%. YouGov may well have tweaked their turnout models afterwards, Guido doesn’t recall them doing anything as drastic as moving