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BREXIT DEADLINE: Theresa May gives ministers EIGHT DAYS to strike deal with Labour

THERESA May has set herself the ambitious target of wrapping up a Brexit deal with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in just eight days in a last-ditch bid to break the deadlock and avert the need for the UK to field candidates in next month’s European Parliamentary elections. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Nothing has changed! Labour hold MAMMOTH Brexit talks - before approving EXACT SAME policy

LABOUR’s ruling body has come to an agreement on the party's position on a second referendum after an eight-hour meeting - which is EXACTLY the same as its existing one. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Will Labour back Theresa May on Brexit and what came of the Labour’s NEC Brexit meeting?

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn is a longtime Euro-sceptic who has played his cards close to his chest regarding Brexit. But will Corbyn support Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan. Jeremy Corbyn penned a letter to Theresa May about his demands for Labour to support Brexit What did Jeremy Corbyn say in his letter to Theresa May? Corbyn sent the PM a letter on February 6 outlining exactly how the Labour Party will support May. The Labour leader made it clear that her modifications to the Northern Irish backstop are not enough to win his party’s support. He told her that if she makes these five legally-binding commitments that Labour will support her. The commitments are: A customs union that would include a say in future trade deals Being closely aligned with the single market Having UK standards on rights and protections similar to the EU Clear commitments on the UK’s future participation in EU agencies and funding programmes Cemented agreements on future security ag

Brexit Party SURGE: Farage to SNATCH voters as third believe Tories are ANTI-BREXIT - poll

NIGEL Farage’s Brexit Party could receive a mass of Tory voters as almost one-third of Tory voters feel the Conservatives are anti-Brexit, according to a recent poll. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Brexit Party means ‘DEATH of Britain’s two-party system’ - Britain to become like SPAIN

WILLIAM Hague, the former Tory leader, has warned the creation of new political parties could cause the downfall of Britain’s two-party system. Continued .... Read the full article Here

We’re ALREADY out! Lawyer who says Brexit delay was ILLEGAL lashes out at May

A BREXIT-SUPPORTING lawyer who insists the Article 50 extension is illegal and Britain has already left the EU has lashed out at Theresa May. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Jeremy Corbyn net worth: How much is he worth? How much is he paid as Labour leader?

JEREMY CORBYN is the leader of the Labour party and is facing pressure to make a decision over a second Brexit referendum - but how much is he worth? How much is Jeremy Corbyn paid as Labour leader? Continued .... Read the full article Here

ChUK Rally Highlights

Today the ChUKs held a huge rally in London, with reportedly over 100 people in attendance. Guido has brought you the highlights. They include… Boasting about a poll that puts them behind the Brexit Party in London. Fibbing about not having huge financial backing. Admitting they “haven’t got everything right.” Bit of an understatement… Claiming the EU simultaneously “preserves democracy”  whilst also preventing the UK implementing policies the ChUKs disagree with. Um… Explaining the EU treaties prevent the “will and whims” of our elected representatives. Yikes… Using Nigel Farage’s slogans. Talking a lot about Nigel Farage. Claiming Mike Gapes is known as “Iron Mike.” By who..? Hitting out at Labour for having said they would honour the result of a democratic vote. Boasting about their “great rally” . Guido genuinely thought it was just a press conference until they said that… Fibbing that they’ve always supported a second referendum. When they really haven’t … Bein

Corbyn defies pro-EU supporters as he reveals Labour WON’T back second Brexit referendum in election manifesto

JEREMY Corbyn today defied his pro-EU fans – saying Labour WON’T back a second Brexit referendum in its manifesto. After a marathon showdown, party bosses announced they will only support a so-called “people’s vote” if Theresa May refuses to change her Brexit deal. Jeremy Corbyn heading to a meeting of Labour’s ruling body today London News Pictures The decision is a victory for Mr Corbyn against efforts to get a referendum into the manifesto under all circumstances. Europhiles like deputy leader Tom Watson were pushing a more anti-Brexit line during today’s five-hour meeting of the national executive committee. But instead, the Labour manifesto in the EU elections will say that a referendum is the party’s third choice. They would rather secure a General Election or a new compromise deal, and will only support a public vote if those are impossible. A Labour spokesman said: “Labour is the only party which represents both people who supported Leave and Remain. “We are working to

Corbyn wins Labour Brexit fight: Second referendum will now only be a last resort

The party will campaign in May's Euro elections on a platform of only seeking a new vote if it cannot enact its own Brexit plan or force changes to Theresa May's own strategy, in a blow to deputy leader Mr Watson. * This article was originally published here

BREXIT POLL: Should May END Labour talks over Tory COLLAPSE warning? - poll

BREXIT talks between the Tory Government and Labour Party could be on the brink of collapse after Theresa May reportedly set Jeremy Corbyn a deadline for discussions to be over in just seven days. is asking do you think the Prime Minister should end Brexit talks with Labour immediately? Continued .... Read the full article Here

Ed Miliband Racks Up Over 19,000 Air Miles Despite Calling for Flight Eco-Crackdown

Ed Miliband was busy evangelising on Today this morning about the need to declare a climate “emergency” , advocating restricting flights and slapping higher taxes on plane tickets. Unfortunately for poor Mother Earth, Ed doesn’t seem to have believed it was enough of an emergency to alter his own travel habits. Since December 2017 Ed has racked up over 19,000 air miles, pumping out over 3.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide: Essaouira, Morocco: over 2,800 miles return Week-long American tour including Boston and Chicago: over 8,000 mile round trip Iceland: 2,360 miles return Malaga: 2,080 miles return Zurich: 978 miles return Vienna: 1,582 miles return Florence: 1,512 miles return At least Ed has saved some air miles by combining various work trips with family trips, a donor was kind enough to pay for his wife to come along on his Malaga trip, while his kids came along on his US tour and even got treated to free game tickets for his beloved Boston Red Sox. Air Miliband is

It's ladies night! Theresa May and Cabinet rivals put Brexit feud to one side at a top London hotel

The Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers including Amber Rudd, Andrea Leadsom and Liz Truss - who have widely differing Brexit views - gathered at the Goring Hotel in upmarket Belgravia. * This article was originally published here

European elections polls LATEST: Tories in trouble as Brexit Party SURGES ahead

EUROPEAN Parliament elections are fast approaching and the Brexit Party is maintaining a staggering lead in the polls. Here is all the latest polls ahead of the European elections 2019. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Jeremy Hunt SLAMS Labour Brexit talks as he fears COLLAPSE of Conservative support

JEREMY HUNT has slammed cross-party Brexit talks, fearing signing up to a deal with Labour could see a collapse of support in Conservative MPs. The Foreign Secretary warned that if Prime Minister Theresa May agreed to a customs union she would put the party at risk of losing more “Conservative MPs than you gain Labour MPs”. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Why is there a Brexit delay and what happens next?

THERE has already been on delay to Brexit and another one is on the cards with Theresa May asking the European Council to extend article 50 until June 30. Here’s what we know about the delay, and what’s likely to happen next. Theresa May has failed to get her meaningful vote through the Commons for three times in a row Uk Parliament Why is there a Brexit delay? To put it simply, MPs have been repeatedly unable to agree on the terms on how Britain should leave the EU . Before the original date of March 29, MPs voted for an extension to Article 50, after rejecting Theresa May’s proposals twice. The PM lost a third vote on her deal on March 29, the day Britain was set to leave the EU. EU officials agreed to an extension which runs until April 12. But on April 3, MPs voted to force the PM to seek another extension , fearing a no deal Brexit may be on the cards. What happens now? Mrs May is currently in talks with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a bid to agree on a deal. The tal

Pro-Maduro Regime Forces Open Fire on People Protesting

In Venezuela forces loyal to the corrupt socialist regime have opened fire on protestors. The protesters seen here this morning at La Carlota are fleeing away from the gunfire. How predictable… The regime is admired by the British far left, who seem silent today as the conflict between the state forces and the people reaches a critical stage. No comment yet from Maduro’s friend Jeremy Corbyn… The post Pro-Maduro Regime Forces Open Fire on People Protesting appeared first on Guido Fawkes . * This article was originally published here

Brexit Party in SHOCK Commons BID: Farage eyes shamed Labour MP's seat in by-election

NIGEL FARAGE’S new Brexit Party have their eyes on a shock Westminster entrance as he targets a potential by-election win in Brexit-backing Peterborough. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Brexit talks deadline: May ‘gives Jeremy Corbyn a week to agree a deal or she will pull the plug’ 

Discussions between rival teams of senior ministers and officials have been talking place for weeks, with little sign of a breakthrough cross-party deal that would be backed by MPs on both sides. * This article was originally published here

Tories and Labour have eight days to save Brexit deal or talks will be OFF, No10 admits

BREXIT talks between the Tories and Labour will end in eight days – whether or not they’ve reached a deal, it emerged today. No10 is planning to bring the axe down on cross-party negotiations if they don’t bear fruit by the middle of next week. Theresa May is reportedly prepared to soften her Brexit red lines Reuters Cabinet ministers today agreed they must hold another Commons vote on Brexit as soon as possible or risk losing control altogether. A No10 source said: “This time next week we’ll need a clear idea of where these talks are going and I think there is an understanding it can’t go on for much longer. “There is an understanding that we’ve got to get on with it and talks will have to come to a conclusion one way or another.” If the two sides manage to reach a compromise agreement , the Commons will vote on it as soon as next week. But if talks break up without a deal, Theresa May has promised to let MPs have their say on a wide range of Brexit options, from No Deal to a s

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party plans bid to get its first MP in the Commons

Onasanya, 35, is the subject of a recall petition after refusing to quit after being jailed for lying to police over a speeding ticket. If 10 per cent of eligible voters sign it a by-election is triggered. * This article was originally published here

ChUK Losing to Brexit Party in London

In London, the stronghold of remainers and Chuka’s hometown, his party is trailing the Brexit Party. If the Tiggers can’t win in London can they win anywhere? The post ChUK Losing to Brexit Party in London appeared first on Guido Fawkes . * This article was originally published here

BREXIT LIVE: Labour in CHAOS as Watson STORMS OUT of Brexit meeting - End for Corbyn?

TONY Blair has launched a blistering attack on “ignorant” Brexiteers who “don’t care” about the “strain” Brexit will put on the UK. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Lisa Nandy Slams Alastair Campbell Over People’s Vote’s Lack of Honesty

Labour MP Lisa Nandy tore into Alastair Campbell on Politics Live over the People’s Vote campaign’s failure to be “honest” and “upfront”  with the public about what they really want – to stop Brexit. Nandy hits the nail on the head – all the people arguing for a second referendum now are the same ones who just want the first referendum ignored… The post Lisa Nandy Slams Alastair Campbell Over People’s Vote’s Lack of Honesty appeared first on Guido Fawkes . * This article was originally published here