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Ex-Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable slams party’s policy to stop Brexit in its tracks

SIR Vince Cable has slammed his own party’s policy to stop Brexit in its tracks. The ex-Lib Dem chief has called the controversial stance of revoking the Article 50 process if they won a Commons’ majority as “a distraction”. PA:Press Association Sir Vince Cable has slammed his own party’s policy to stop Brexit in its tracks[/caption] Current leader Jo Swinson adopted the stance of cancelling Brexit just weeks after she became leader at the end of July . But Sir Vince said: “I’ve always argued that actually it was wildly improbable. “We were never going to get 350 MPs, so the policy had been and should be to argue for the People’s Vote, going back to the public, to the referendum with support for Remain. “So the revoke was a distraction and not a very helpful one.” The warning Swinson told delegates at her party conference that she would take them from being the third party to challenging for Downing Street. She boasted: “I stand before you as your candidate for prime minist

Boris Johnson is no Johnny-come-lately to the Brexit cause

Following the fallout from Brexit Party candidates standing down in Tory-held seats, some opponents of Boris Johnson continue to portray him as a “Johnny-come-lately” to the Brexit cause. Frequent news articles purport to claim Boris only came round to his belief in exiting the EU at the eleventh hour, specifically on 21st February 2016 when he announced his intention to campaign to Leave. It is high time this nonsense was quashed. Boris was appointed as the Daily Telegraph Brussels Correspondent thirty years ago. Very few politicians in the UK, especially on the right, considered the possibility of Brexit at that time, yet Boris, as a thrusting young journalist, immediately used his brief to stoke up anti-EC (as it was then) sentiment. It was Boris who brought to the attention of the British public the often ludicrous regulations the country was now bound by. His continued criticism of the then Commission President, Jacques Delors, caused Europhile Chris Patten to describe him angri

Election TV debate results: Tories victorious but viewers brand ‘bickering kids’ a ‘farce’

THE BBC aired a seven-way debate with representatives from major political parties on Friday night, and leaders voted the Conservatives the winners, but overall dubbed the debate a farce. Read the results here. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Posts from The Daily Brexit for 11/29/2019

Posts from The Daily Brexit for 11/29/2019 The latest updates from Brexit News Blogger

Merkel PANIC: Boris Johnson winning majority in the election is ‘worst result for Germany’

A NO deal Brexit could leave Germany teetering on the brink of recession, as well as damaging the country's massive car industry, a German economist has said. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party could end up STOPPING Brexit claims expert

NIGEL FARAGE’S Brexit Party risks blocking Brexit, according to a political expert, who has warned the party may prevent Boris Johnson from securing a parliamentary majority in the upcoming general election. Continued .... Read the full article Here

No deal Brexit BOMBSHELL: Boris Johnson reveals UK will be ‘ready’ for 2020 no deal

BORIS JOHNSON has revealed the threat of a no deal Brexit still looms, as he confirms the Tories would remain in a “state of readiness” for leaving the EU without a deal on December 31, 2020. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Watch out, Boris! Political expert reveals how Brexit Party could block Tory majority

THE BREXIT PARTY will stop Boris Johnson from gaining a parliamentary majority if Labour makes ground on the Tories, a parliamentary expert has warned. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Raab on brink of losing seat despite bold Brexit fight – Lib Dem warns 'chances very high'

FOREIGN Secretary Dominic Raab has been warned he is at risk of losing his seat, as a Liberal Democrat candidate, Monica Harding, said the chances of her winning were "very high", despite the Conservative politician fighting for the UK to leave the EU for over three years. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Brexit Party plan will backfire as Richard Tice hands Corbyn gift 12 days before election

BREXIT PARTY chairman Richard Tice hopes to win over voters in Hartlepool in the upcoming general election but one expert has warned his candidacy could ensure the Labour Party retain the north-east seat. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Saturday 7-Up

This week 450,436 visitors visited 1,306,506 times viewing 2,039,625 pages. The top stories in order of popularity were: Labour Comms Officer Was the Question Time Liar Plymouth Labour Officer Boasts of Breaking Law Read in Full the Unredacted Trade Documents What Corbyn Claims the Documents Say Versus What they Actually Say WATCH: Terrorist Wrestled and Shot on London Bridge Corbyn Finally Admits It: Low Paid Will Pay More Tax Labour Activist Teacher Deletes Antisemitic Tweets About Chief Rabbi You’re either in front of Guido, or behind… The post Saturday 7-Up appeared first on Guido Fawkes . * This article was originally published here

‘Dismal’ defeat looming for Corbyn despite Labour attempt to hold northern votes - expert

JEREMY CORBYN’S Labour Party is facing a “dismal” defeat, even as it desperately fights to cling on to seats in its strongholds in the north, a political analyst has said. Continued .... Read the full article Here

'I'll free us up from EU rules to protect British jobs,' pledges PM as he woos Labour Leavers

Speaking at a press conference in London alongside fellow former Vote Leave leaders (pictured), Mr Johnson pledged to deliver on 'the change people voted for' in the 2016 referendum. * This article was originally published here

Corbyn’s £250bn splurge in north blasted as ‘distraction from Brexit failures’

LABOUR plans for a quarter of a trillion pound regional spending splurge are a “distraction” from Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit failures, it was claimed last night. Continued .... Read the full article Here

Boris Johnson to supercharge UK business by dumping EU state aid rules after Brexit

BORIS Johnson yesterday vowed to back UK businesses after Brexit by “buying British” in the public sector and offering state support for struggling firms. Continued .... Read the full article Here

How might the EU react to the possible outcomes of the general election?

The upcoming general election may well turn out to be a de facto second referendum on Brexit. Here is an overview of the different scenarios that are possible and how the EU is likely to position itself in each case: The first scenario , which is taken by most as the base case, is for the Conservatives to gain an absolute majority of seats. If this happens, it is very likely Parliament will simply pass the “Boris deal”, so then Brexit happens.  However, Boris Johnson has now promised   not to extend the transition stage, in order to convince Brexit Party voters of his credentials. This increases the chance of a “No Deal” in a year or so, given how ambitious it is to negotiate the future relationship in such a short period. Sabine Weyand, who heads the trade department of the European Commission, has just warned that the UK will only get a “bare bones” deal – meaning only limited market access – if Boris sticks to his short timetable. In 1992, in a referendum, the Swiss narrowly vo

'What a cop out!' Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit neutrality is ridiculed in election debate

But her remarks prompted exasperated groans from the other speakers, and even prompted host Nick Robinson to quip: 'It's usually the Queen who takes a neutral position, not the prime minister. * This article was originally published here

Ex-Labour Brexiter MP Gisela Stuart urges people to vote Tory

Former Labour MP Gisela Stuart savaged Jeremy Corbyn 's Brexit plan today as she stood alongside Boris Johnson and urged Leave voters to back the Tories at the general election. * This article was originally published here

Who is Dominic Cummings and has he resigned as Boris Johnson’s chief adviser?

VOTE Leave campaign director Dominic Cummings is now embedded in No10 as Boris Johnson’s senior adviser. The inscrutable mastermind must be rattled by the current state of Brexit  – but has nonethelss described it as a “walk in the park”. Here’s the latest on the elusive brainiac. Dominic Cummings seen outside No10 in September, 2019 AP:Associated Press Who is Dominic Cummings? Dominic Cummings was seen as the mastermind of the Brexit campaign. He is a political adviser and strategist, and served as the Campaign Director of Vote Leave. Cummings is a former special adviser to Michael Gove – under Boris Johnson, he worked as the PM’s senior advisor. Born in Durham, he is the son of an oil rig project manager and a special needs teacher. Cummings attended Durham School and Exeter College, Oxford, graduating in 1994 with a First in Ancient and Modern History. In 2011, he married Mary Wakefield, deputy editor of The Spectator. Dominic Cummings, special advisor for Britain’s Prime