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GIBRALTAR ROW: Britain BLASTS Brussels and Spain over airport LAND GRAB

BRITAIN has fired a Brexit broadside at the EU after Brussels appeared to back Spain’s claim over land Gibraltar’s airport is built on. * This article was originally published here

MPs prepared to avoid No Deal makes it harder for us to secure better Brexit

Ruddy idiots THE pressure on Attorney General ­Geoffrey Cox to secure a better Brexit was unbearable even before mutinous Cabinet Remainers pulled the rug from under him. What leverage does he have left in negotiating binding changes to the Irish backstop, now MPs seem prepared to avoid No Deal and postpone Brexit? EPA Cabinet Remainers like Amber Rudd are guilty both of rank disloyalty and short-sighted stupidity[/caption] This was all too obvious to Government minister George Eustice who quit yesterday glumly predicting our “final humiliation” and attacking MPs who refuse to respect the referendum result. Remainers Amber Rudd, Greg Clark and David Gauke still insist they do. They will claim their rebellion against Theresa May — a cynical, calculated risk that she is too weak to sack them — was designed to make Brexiteers realise ­voting down her deal could kill Brexit. It may have done that. But it wasn’t lost on Brussels either. And it has severely weakened our hopes of getti

A permanent UK-EU customs union would create worse problems that those it would supposedly solve

The most likely effect of Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement that Labour will support some form of second referendum is to increase the probability that the UK leave the EU without a formal trade deal. That so many Labour MPs have pledged to stick by their election pledge to honour the 2016 referendum means that a second referendum remains highly unlikely. And a good thing too given the serious damage it would do both to democracy and, due to the division and business uncertainty it would bring to the UK economy. Corbyn’s U-turn will, however, cement the impression in the vital Leave-voting heartlands that Labour is a party of Remain. Just as importantly, it will stiffen the EU’s impression that they have no need to make a serious move on Theresa May’s demand that the unacceptable Northern Irish backstop be re-written. Why give any ground when so many of our parliamentarians and the official Opposition are stating openly that are prepared effectively to cancel Brexit on 29th March rather t

Jacob Rees-Mogg sells ice-creams at theatre interval (and makes £480!)

JACOB REES-MOGG was in such an upbeat mood about the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union that he stopped a political event halfway through to sell ice-creams to guests. * This article was originally published here

As the Brexit talks reach their endgame, the EU may again demonstrate its capacity for flexibility

We are now entering the final stage of Article 50 negotiations with the EU. The meaningful vote is due by or before 12th March, setting a deadline less than two weeks from today; and the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, will take centre stage in the Brexit endgame. As the EU have stubbornly refused to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement itself, Cox’s aim is to secure a legally-binding protocol on the backstop. The hope is that this will enable him to update his legal advice, which currently sets out that the backstop could exist “indefinitely” if negotiations on the future UK-EU trade deal break down. History shows that when the EU’s refusal to renegotiate collides with the reality of domestic politics in a member state, Brussels has shown flexibility to facilitate ratification. Crucially, the legal instruments favoured by Brussels – protocols, addendums – have legal force even if the treaty itself remains untouched. At Open Europe, I have recently published a   briefing   which outlines h

BREXITEERS FIGHTBACK: Eurosceptics call in lawyers to SCRUTINISE May's Brexit deal

TORY Brexiteers have formed an eight-strong group of lawyers to scrutinise attorney general Geoffrey Cox’s Brexit negotiations over the Northern Ireland backstop. * This article was originally published here

Brexit Article 50 extension: What will happen if Theresa May DELAYS Brexit?

BREXIT negotiations are still ongoing as Theresa May has pushed back the date MPs will vote on her revised deal. But what will happen if Theresa May delays Brexit? * This article was originally published here

What is globalisation and what are its effects? Pros and cons of an integrated global economy

BANK of England Governor Mark Carney warned politicians a no Brexit deal could lead to “de-globalisation”. Mr Carney claimed a deal is in the “interests of everyone, arguably everywhere”. Here we fully explain what globalisation is. Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney AFP What is globalisation? Globalisation is where countries and businesses across the world work increasingly closer together. It sees countries integrate rather than remaining isolated, and signals a greater economical and political cooperation worldwide as more ideas are shared. The term describes a world with a freer transfer of capital, goods and services across borders. While affected largely by business dealings globalisation also sees the sharing of popular culture between nations. This has been made a greater reality by technological advances in recent years. It has been suggested by some economists globalisation could hurt smaller or more fragile economies. What is the effect of globalisation?

Labour would make MASSIVE gains in any EU elections if Brexit is DELAYED says poll

LABOUR would make massive gains in the upcoming European Parliament elections should the UK be forced to take part because Brexit is delayed, a poll has revealed. * This article was originally published here

Will the UK still be allowed to enter the Eurovision Song Contest following Brexit?

EACH year millions of Brits settle down to watch an eclectic mix of singers, dancers and performers represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. But what happens when we leave the European Union – will the UK still be allowed to join in the annual fun? Read on to find out… Eurovision takes place in Lisbon this year Reuters Will the UK still be allowed to enter the Eurovision Song Contest after Brexit? There were fears the UK would not be allowed to enter the Eurovision Song Contest after Brexit. As a major TV partner, the UK is normally guaranteed a place in the grand final each year. But even before the vote to leave the European Union former Prime Minister David Cameron had to reassure fans of the show. During PMQs he told MPs: “I think that would not only be very sad but I think given that Israel and Azerbaijan and anyone anywhere near Europe seems to be able to – (even) Australia – I think we’re pretty safe from that one.” The president of the UK Eurovision fan

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

The post Who Is On Question Time Tonight? appeared first on Guido Fawkes . * This article was originally published here

Brexit Project Fear DESTROYED ‘the doomsayers are WRONG!’

BUSINESSES will flourish after Brexit and the country will seize the fresh opportunities on offer, MPs have said. * This article was originally published here

Government to roll out TV ads warning Brits to prepare for No Deal Brexit

MINISTERS are set to roll out TV ads warning Brits to get ready for a No Deal Brexit amid fears the public hasn’t done enough to prepare. A major advertising campaign is set to begin shortly which will encourage individuals and companies to work out how No Deal could affect them. One of the print adverts already published by the Government ahead of Brexit The telly blitz will be the first time the Government has put out TV Brexit ads ahead of our scheduled departure on March 29 . It was announced by Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill, the UK’s top civil servant. He told a Commons committee today: “Individuals and citizens and business are making their own judgments. “We have plans to bring through some television advertising as well.” The ads are due to start from March 15, The Sun understands – meaning they could be scrapped if Mrs May wins Commons approval for her deal in the next fortnight. Previous advertising campaigns have involved radio ads as well as notices in the print m

Lib Dem Earl Asks What Government is Doing about High Price of Theatre Tickets

The Earl of Glasgow, one of the four hereditary Lib Dem peers, has made a weighty intervention in the Lords… to challenge the Government over what it is doing to tackle the high price of theatre tickets.  Good to see the Lib Dems focusing on the issues most important to voters… The post Lib Dem Earl Asks What Government is Doing about High Price of Theatre Tickets appeared first on Guido Fawkes . * This article was originally published here

Brexit LIVE: BREAKTHROUGH for May - after Rees-Mogg, now DUP say they could back her deal

THERESA May could win the backing of the Democratic Unionist Party to get her Brexit deal over the line. * This article was originally published here

Brexit deal or No Deal - EU citizens WILL be allowed to stay after controversial vote

EUROPEAN Union citizens will be allowed to stay in the UK whether there is a deal or not following the passing of a controversial amendment. * This article was originally published here

Caroline Spelman’s Association Trying to Rush Through Reselection on the Quiet

Caroline Spelman has not been especially popular with grassroots Tories following her decision to add her name to the Cooper-Letwin Bill seeking to delay Brexit, despite insisting less than two weeks earlier that she was “clear that I want to see no further delay to the country leaving the EU”. Funnily enough trying to take power away from your own party’s government and hand it to an unaccountable group of cross-party MPs isn’t a popular move with your activists… Under the Conservative Party Constitution, sitting Conservative MPs have to be formally re-adopted by their local Associations before each election, although the rules are slightly vague around the precise procedural details. Normally this is a formality but with many long-standing Tory members angry and upset with the actions of some of their MPs on Brexit they have become more contentious events … Guido has got wind that senior members of Spelman’s Meriden Association are trying to sneak through her reselection on the q

Brexit news – what to stockpile in case of a No Deal Brexit?

NO Deal Brexit has sparked fears of food and medicine shortages. So what should a worried citizen stockpile in case the shelves become bare? The empty British Isles… could this be a reality by April? Reuters Will there be shortages if there is a No Deal Brexit? There will if Britain leaves the EU without a deal, a lobby group representing Sainsbury’s, Asda, McDonald’s, KFC and other firms believe. Problems would be particularly acute around March, when Britain is scheduled to quit the bloc, and when most of its produce from lettuces to tomatoes is out of season, with a higher percentage imported, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) added. The statement, also signed by the bosses of the Co-operative, Marks & Spencer, Lidl and Waitrose supermarkets, was published before key Brexit votes in Parliament set for Tuesday January 28. Responding to the BRC’s letter, a spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May said plans were in place to keep customs working and traffic flowing in the