EU Poll - Who will Leave Next?

Which member state will be the next to leave the EU Poll.

Thanks to Brexit, the UK will recover fast.  Now investors see a domino collapse of the Eurozone if other countries follow Britain’s lead.


Please take part in our live poll below, and share it with your Social Media friends.  You can comment below.
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  1. No one will leave the EU in the foreseeable future, GBs crash in slow motion is is deterrent

    1. Perhaps give it a bit of time to see how things pan out for the UK, then comment as appropriate. That way your remarks will have some veracity and people will take you more seriously than they will by simply spouting the same tired rhetoric on day one of the new relationship.

    2. The only crashing in Britain which we see, is your decimated manufacturing base smashing onto your empty factory floors. Don't you see how the EU has done immense damage to your economy, but even worse, it's conditioned you to think that you're powerless. Brexit will restore your national confidence. After two summers of standing on your own two feet, Brits will remember who their true friendsd are. Meanwhile, start by backing Britain! Probably within two years, an independent Britain will begin moving ahead of the EU, which is about to sink into another recession. Why? Because the Euro has entered senescence (the fate of all supranational economies). That will probalyl be noticeable in the autumn of 2022, and you can expect the markets to begin squeezing the first EU country out of the Euro. If you have any investments in the Euro, I'd take them out now. Bill C. USA.

    3. "(the fate of all supranational economies)" ..... You say "supranational" ... I would say supernatural ....

    4. its a bit like an explosion once the force hits it could be any of them . so unpredictable , but it will happen

  2. Our problem is that this govenment is not doing the job which we voted for that was leave the EU not just saying it and then letting them bully us around close the doors now not after the hourse has bolted we have the rest of the world this is the best thing for the UK take our fihing its ours not the EU how can any country ban shell fish taken from our waters that our boats chacth when there boats take from our warers just another bulling tactic shut the door BORIS we can get along with out them they cannot manage with out us yes itt will be hard at first but we done it in 1939 to 1945 we can do it again GB and the commonwealth will manage just need people like Liss Truss and her team and we will soon get on top the EU is doomed we take more imports from them than we send to them help out those that need us that do leave that rubbish EU bulling club.

  3. I picked Sweden because the migrant problems are just so out of control, yet neighbours Norway are doing OK from outside the EU, but there are several good candidates. Macron has got to be sweating about next years election and Le Pen's growth in popularity. Italy, Greece & Spain are up to their nuts in debt and I can't see them leaving anytime soon. Viktor Orban's Hungary is another seemingly anti EU and a bit of a loose cannon, liable to go off, with The Netherlands another good outsider. As long as Liz Truss and her excellent team keep piling on the FTA agreements, UK won't take long to leave them in the dust. Especially if the CPTPP agreement takes place. With 450 million people, 11 countries: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam, with UK now going through the induction process, and a total of 13.5% of GLOBAL GDP. That's also allowing for Sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden and the USA NOT involved.

    I would say that looks pretty sweet for the UK.

  4. "who will leave next" Oh that's funny.
    No one, you bunch of melts. Who in their right mind would shaft themselves the way you lot have?

  5. only shatfing is to remain in thev4th reich eu


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