UK weather forecast – Glorious 22C sunshine bakes south today – but heavy rain, wild winds & thunderstorms to lash north

BRITS are set to be treated to sunshine and glorious 22C temperatures in the south today – but the north will see heavy rain, wild winds and thunderstorms.

It comes as the UK has this week seen hail, thunder and lightning in a brief interruption to the gorgeously warm May weather.

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Temperatures will reach 22C in parts of the country today[/caption]
The north will be hit with rain and thunder[/caption]
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The sunset behind Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire this morning[/caption]

Britain has been experiencing the unsettled weather due to a front heading in from the Atlantic bringing stormy conditions.

Because of this the north and south of the country will today see two very different climates.

In the south the mercury will rise to a balmy 22C – but in Scotland temperatures will peak at 11C.

Met forecaster Clare Nasir told The Mirror: “Breezy through the next 24 hours with rain or showers but some brighter, drier weather towards the south east, particularly through Thursday morning.

“Temperatures holding up for the south but for the Cairngorms as well as Aberdeenshire down to about 4C to 7C, yet here you will have a bright start although it will be rather windy.

“Now for any more northern areas of Scotland as well as the Western Isles[ …] you will see a rush of showers through the morning.

“That rain extends to Perth for a time and then it will decline as rain continues across Northern Ireland, northern England as well as the north of Wales.”

Stormy weather will sweep across Scotland – while central England will be hit with rain.

She continued: “Showers will merge together across Scotland during the day so there is a risk of thunder through the north, a strong wind here but later on some brighter skies for the central belt as well as the far north of England, far south of Scotland.

“As the rain continues, anywhere from south Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Conwy, Flint, Gwynedd.

“Further south than that you will see more in the way of cloud but brighter skies towards the south east and that is where the highest temperatures will be, coming in about 22C.”

And the heat is expected to “ramp up” in the days leading up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, experts say.

British Weather Services senior meteorologist Jim Dale added: “On the run into that weekend, we might see something that’s a little bit warmer – maybe even very warm.”

But he warned the weather may take a turn for the worst leading into the Saturday and Sunday afterwards.

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