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Asteroid 138971 watch LIVE – Huge ‘potentially dangerous’ space rock 3 times bigger than Empire State to pass tomorrow

A GIGANTIC asteroid is making its way towards Earth and Nasa has labelled it as “potentially hazardous.”

The US space agency expects the large space rock to shoot past us tomorrow at a “close” distance and you should be able to watch it live.

Asteroid 138971 (2001 CB21)  is said to be up to 4,265 feet wide.

That makes it almost three times as big as the Empire State Building, but the good news is, it’s not expected to hit Earth.

Space fans should be able to watch the asteroid as it shoots past Earth thanks to the The Virtual Telescope Project 2.0.

The live feed will start at 10pm ET on March 4 (3am GMT March 5).

You can also track Asteroid 138971 (2001 CB21) virtually at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Small-Body Database Lookup website. 

Read our Asteroid 138971 live blog for the latest news and updates…

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