Parking restrictions slammed as yellow lines are painted behind BENCHES – before red-faced council forced into U-turn

A RED-FACED council were forced into an embarrassing U-turn after yellow lines painted behind benches in a car-free pedestrian zone were slammed.

The double yellow lines in Sheerness, Kent, were roundly mocked and were branded the ‘most pointless parking restrictions ever’.

The double yellow lines were slammed by residents and a councillor[/caption]
The council made a U-turn and removed the lines[/caption]

As a result, Swale Council decided to act swiftly in order to prevent further embarrassment and removed the lines today, claiming the repainting was a mistake.

A council spokesperson said: “We mistakenly repainted the double yellow lines at the Sheerness clock tower while refreshing lines along the high street and Broadway last week. The lines have now been removed.”

The lines were believed to have been painted last Friday and were removed after many on social media questioned their purpose.

A local councillor even decided to weigh in with some highly critical comments about the ridiculous double yellow lines.

Conservative Cllr Cameron Beart, who represents Queenborough and Halfway on Swale Council and Sheppey on Kent County Council, said: “These must be the most pointless double yellow lines ever.

“They are an absolute eyesore and totally unnecessary in a pedestrianised part of the conservation area. They serve no purpose at all and should be removed.”

Stephen Jackson, whose Jacksonwood Vintage Tea Rooms overlook that section of the High Street, was equally confused.

He said: “You could hardly see the old lines – but that’s not an excuse for repainting them, as they shouldn’t be there now.

“The old lines were probably there from before the benches were put in. It’s a complete waste of time.”

Swale Council initially defending the painting as “refreshed” before conceding that they were due to be removed anyway.

Parking and cars are outlawed at any time in Sheerness, Kent, where the town’s clock tower normally stands in an area impossible for traffic to access.

Before it was pedestrianised, there were double yellow lines on the street that have gradually faded over time.

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