Boris Johnson must act and stop households paying £1MILLION in tax in their lifetime

Taken to tax

SUCH is the bloated level of the State in Britain today, an average Sun reading household can now look forward to paying £1MILLION in tax in their lifetime.

A whole lottery win of your money handed over to flabby civil servants whose track record on spending — from MoD military contracts, to NHS computers and Track and Trace, to the loss of £4billion of Covid business loans — is mind-bogglingly awful.

The average Sun reading household can now look forward to paying £1MILLION in tax in their lifetime, it’s still not too late Boris[/caption]

Yet Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak yesterday ploughed ahead with their misguided National Insurance rise during a cost of living crisis.

Allies of the Prime Minister say he is “fizzing” with energy and ideas having — he hopes — snuffed out the plot by his own MPs to topple him over Partygate.

But many more Tory backbenchers still see the spiking of the NI hike as a price for continued support.

As will tax-weary Brits who’d rather spend some of that £1million on their heating bills.

if a week is a long time in politics then April’s rise remains some way off.

It’s still not too late, PM…

Beijing menace

IS there no corner of British society that is not being spied on by China?

Our revelations that Chinese agents infiltrated a faith charity set up by Prince Philip follows MI5 briefings that Beijing tried to destabilise Parliament.

At a time when Britain is leading the Nato response to Russian aggression, it is particularly sobering to think how we left ourselves wide open at home.

The folly of spending the past decade cosying up to China is clearer than ever.


HEARD the latest podcast on Spotify from Harry and Meghan?

No, neither has anyone else. Despite taking £18million from the music platform, the woke warriors have yet to produce much except a belated and woolly complaint about it hosting vaccine-sceptic podcaster Joe Rogan.

Having set themselves up as crusaders against Covid misinformation, they are only now distancing themselves from Rogan’s rants. There is one way to make their opposition crystal clear, of course.

Hand back Spotify’s money.

Lovely Jubilee

AFTER an awful couple of years, what better way to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and bring the nation together than a national Thank You Day.

You can show your support for family, friends, community heroes and NHS volunteers by holding a street party in their honour.

And, unlike Boris Johnson, you won’t have to worry about anyone bringing cake.

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