Boris Johnson covid announcement – Huge holiday boost as ALL travel tests may be ditched as vaccines hold key to freedom

HOLIDAYS abroad could soon be made much easier with jabbed Brits able to avoid expensive testing on their return, the Transport Secretary has said.

Grant Shapps said changes could be made very soon, with vaccinations now seen as the key to opening up restriction-free travel.

Speaking to Times Radio Breakfast, he said: “I think I could see a world in which you didn’t need to do testing at all.

“I can’t guarantee it will be the same the other way around because that depends on what other countries around the world decide to put in place

“I do imagine that we will, for the foreseeable future, be living in a world where vaccination status is something that countries are looking for.

“Certainly when I speak to a lot of my opposite numbers around the world. That’s what they ask about”.

Boris Johnson yesterday announced new rule changes, which include the end to the pre-departure test required by all arrivals.

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