July Review: Webbe Versus Be’rus, BBC’s Brammar Blunder and the Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey

July Review: Webbe Versus Be’rus, BBC’s Brammar Blunder and the Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey

Soon after the Matt Hancock scandal came the cabinet marital news that almost everyone in SW1 had been speculating for months: the split of Michael Gove and Sarah Vine. At the time a friend of Gove’s told Guido the move wasn’t in advance of any news set to come out in the Sunday papers – a claim that, thankfully for Gove, held true. As Westminster hit the Summer social season a couple of weeks later, Gove joked about ‘those rumours’ at the Policy Exchange party…

Thankfully for Michael, the loony left did their utmost to overshadow any personal embarrassment of his with professional embarrassment on their part. Diane Abbott stumbled through a Friday night interview with hitherto unimaginable incoherence, slurring her words and failing for over a minute to form a coherent sentence. Claudia Webbe humiliated herself during a Foreign Select Committee Raab question session by asking whether the government planned legal action against “be’rus”. Dawn Butler got herself kicked out of the Commons in a brave display of political principle wanting masturbatory social media attention. A move that very nearly cost her £10,000

And yet, despite all of the above, the month was entirely overshadowed by one of the most ridiculous local government saga’s Guido can remember: that of Redbridge’s “Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey” – a naked, multicoloured simian bequeathed with an enormous pink penis – paid for with taxpayer’s money to persuade children to read. From a council that clearly couldn’t read the room…

Talking of poor decisions by taxpayer-funded bodies that should know better, in July it first emerged that the BBC was strongly considering Jess Brammar to head up BBC News, despite her long history of pushing a left-wing agenda over at Huffington Post and backing movements like Black Lives Matter. Brammar knew the political storm the news would create, attested by her deletion of 12-years-worth of tweets. As Mogg asked MPs in the Commons, would the BBC “make an appointment from the Guido Fawkes website, a similar news outlet, except a rather more accurate one, on the right rather than on the left?”.

Honourable mentions:

Headline of the month: Flora Gill Pitches “Porn for Children”

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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