Who has been given a whole life order along with Wayne Couzens?

EVIL Wayne Couzens has become one of just 61 criminals serving a whole life order in the UK.

The severe sentence is the harshest a judge can impose and means they will never be considered for release unless in exceptional circumstances.

Will Couzens became the latest criminal to be sentenced to a full life tariff[/caption]

Who has been sentenced to a full-life tariff in the UK?

The severe sentence is the harshest a judge can impose and means they will never be considered for release unless in exceptional circumstances.

They can only be issued to those who committed their crimes when they were over the age of 21.

Milly Dowler’s killer Levi Bellfield is thought to be the only criminal in UK legal history to be serving two whole life orders – for her murder, the killings of Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange as well as the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy.

Other notorious criminals currently serving whole life orders include:

Rose West

PA:Press Association
Rose West pictured after her imprisonment in 1995[/caption]

Alongside husband Fred West, Rose was responsible for abducting, torturing, raping and murdering young women over 20 years.

Police uncovered a number of mutilated female bodies in the garden and cellar of the Wests’ Gloucestershire home as others were found buried under the floorboards.

Rose was convicted of 10 murders, including that of her daughter, and sentenced to life.

Her husband Fred, who admitted 12 murders, hanged himself while on remand in prison.

Michael Adebolajo

PA:Press Association
Michael Adebolajo was sentenced to life in prison after he publicly hacked soldier Lee Rigby to death[/caption]

Micheal Adebolajo was sentenced to whole life imprisonment in 2014 for the the brutal murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

Rigby was off duty and returning from Woolwich barracks when he was attacked on 22nd May, 2013.

Adebolajo, alongside his friend, Michael Adebowale ran him down and began stabbing and hacking at Lee’s body with knives and a meat cleaver in an assault so fierce they almost decapitated him.

The pair waited for armed cops to arrive, then charged at the patrol car hoping to be martyred. They were both shot and injured.

Mark Bridger

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Bridger is serving life for the murder of a 5-year-old girl[/caption]

On 30 May 2013, Bridger was found guilty of the abduction and murder, five-year-old April Jones in Machynlleth, Wales.

He was arrested 24 hours later after the little girl had initially disappeared near her home on October 1, 2012.

He matched the description of the man who April was seen getting into the vehicle with.

Bridger was later sentenced to life in prison with a recommendation that he should never be released by the Judge.

Despite his conviction, the whereabouts of April’s body remain unknown.

Thomas Mair

Thomas Mair is on trial for the politically motivated murder of MP Jo Cox
Thomas Mair was sentenced to life after killing MP Jo Cox

Thomas Mair is a white supremacist who killed the Labour MP Jo Cox in a “planned and pre-meditated murder” days before the EU referendum.

He told police he was a “political activist” before he was rugby tackled to the ground a mile from the murder scene.

In November 2016, Mair was given a whole life sentence at the Old Bailey due to the “exceptional seriousness” of his crimes.

A judge at the Old Bailey said his offence was so grave he could only be freed by the Secretary of State.

Stephen Port

A custody photograph of Stephen Port today found guilty of the murders of four young men
Stephen Port was convicted having been found guilty of numerous murders
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Stephen Port was a serial killer who drugged and murdered four young men he met on the gay dating app Grindr.

A trial revealed that he filmed himself having sex with unconscious men and was obsessed with drug-rape pornography, and was attracted to smaller, boyish-type men known as ‘twinks’.

Port drugged his victims by spiking their drinks or injecting them in the anus with drugs which he claimed were lubrication.

In total, 12 men are said to have been attacked by Port over three-and-a-half years, between 2012 and 2015, four of which died of an overdose of the party drug GHB.

In November 2016, he was sentenced to life in prison.

Khairi Saadallah

Khairi Saadallah, 26, was today jailed for life for the horrific terror attack
Khairi Saadallah stabbed three men to death

Khairi Saadallah is a Libyan asylum seeker was found guilty of the murder of three men in Reading.

The then 25-year-old, shouted “Allahu akhbar” as he fatally knifed friends James Furlong, 36, David Wails, 49, and Joseph Ritchie-Bennett, 39, in just ten seconds.

in January 2021, he was sentenced to life with 24 years’ imprisonment for each of the three attempted murder charges that would run concurrently.

Mr Justice Sweeney said he had “no doubt that this is a rare and exceptional case in which just punishment requires you must be kept in prison for the rest of your life”.

Previous monsters who have since died that were given whole life tariffs include Moors murderer Ian Brady and his girlfriend Myra Hindley.

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, and doctor Harold Shipman – thought to be one of Britain’s most prolific serial killers – were also among those serving whole life orders.

However, while whole life orders mean that inmates will by kept incarcerated until death, this doesn’t happen in every case.

The Home Secretary may grant release in exceptional circumstances, such as if a prisoner is of a great age or in ill health.

In other instances, the Court of Appeal can also over-turn whole life orders.

Meanwhile, there have previously been calls for more of the tougher sentences to be handed out amid a rise in high profile offences.

A 2019 survey by the Sun of Sunday revealed that the cost of holding inmates to the taxpayer was £43,213 a year, or £118 a day, for every place at our 117 prisons.

Nearly double that money is believed to have been spent on keeping the most serious offenders, such as murderers, terrorists and rapists, under lock and key, with the total cost of caging Britain’s lags at £3.4billion a year.

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