POLL: Should Diane Abbott be allowed back into Labour? Vote here

Readers can vote in our online poll on whether Diane Abbott should have the Labour whip restored.

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  1. NO! She is a racist through & tthrough!

  2. Only if she works for free

  3. NO send her to ROWANDA with the other ones.

  4. This woman is racist to the core and unashamed of it, talks about white people as if they are vermin and yet without them where would she be,? sends her son to a private
    School but wants to close them, lives a luxurious life style but talks as if she doesn’t, met her at a health farm,I had the cheapest room, she had a suite and she was obnoxious ,
    Did not mix with the rest us, ostentatiously read the guardian every morning, presumably
    So no one would speak to her. This was over 25 years ago she was a respected
    Member of parliament then but I over the years she has shown her true colours.
    If you are wondering ,yes there was a real mix of people there, including a lady something or other and a couple of MP,s one was Michael Howard ( charming) we all mucked in together, and no they were not all white and not all British.


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