Queen’s ex-communications director lets slip Her Majesty’s stance on Brexit - VIDEO

The former communications director made the claim on CNN's Christiane Amanpour show.

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  2. There aren't still people thinking that Brexit is good for the UK economy, society and wider European peace and security, even now in 2022 are there..? It was obvious well before Brexit occurred that leaving the world's largest market, in which the UK traded the majority of its goods and services, that going it alone as a middle sized economy with fading links to much of the world was going to have severe consequences. Before the UK joined the Common Market it was the sick man of Europe, with its economy trailing and even deteriorating vs the rest of the EU. The UK was a member of EFTA, a trade network of largely smaller, mostly northern European nations, plus Portugal. It was a useful club, but no way did it meet the trade demands of a larger country like the UK. Other larger markets. like the US, China and India had no need for most UK products, as most of them could produce more competititively, and they were already exporting to the UK, even with EU import duties. The Common Market entry back then was a major factor in the subsequent recovery of the UK economy, together with some measures to reduce business restraint and encourage performance and competitiveness, including amongst SOEs. The leaving of the EU was just a political sop to curry favour for political gain based upon a simple populist and jingoist message that was never linked to economic reality; it was always going to be an economic disaster, and socially and geo-politically disruptive, (and even its better informed, though cynical, proponents knew that) but that was a cost to the country that they pursued as it would serve the vested interests of some business and their own political careers.


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