Brexit LIVE: ‘They'll be lucky’ House of Lords erupts in laughter as bill heckled

THE Government's Northern Ireland bill was heckled as it was announced in the House of Lords.

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  1. The Lords havr been laughing at us for years while they sit on their backsides at our expense.

  2. Get rid of the lot of them. They are only li.ning their own pockets. Greedy scumbags the lot of them. We are supposed to be a demarcation country.

  3. It’s about time this lot we’re made to work for a living rather than freeloading off the people. Close the house down and get rid of the lot of them.

  4. They are not fit to sit in the chair they are provided with. The whole house should be disbanded b4 the next election. An insult to the name of Democracy

  5. They are a bunch of clowns close them down shut the circus down


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