Shocking moment wannabe MP dismisses Harold Shipman as ‘bad apple’ in car crash interview

A PEDO MP was just one “bad apple” like killer Harold Shipman, his wannabe replacement has bizarrely claimed.

In a car-crash interview, the Tory candidate for next week’s by-election in Wakefield said people “still trust GPs” – despite the psycho serial killer murdering 250 people.

 Harold Shipman was referred to as 'Dr Death' after he was found guilty of murdering his patients
Harold Shipman was referred to as ‘Dr Death’ after he was found guilty of murdering his patients

People should still back him to become the next MP for the area in next week’s crunch by-election, he insisted.

Nadeem Ahmed is running to replace disgraced Imran Ahmad Khan, who was forced to quit after being convicted for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

Former teacher, Mr Ahmed, told The Telegraph: “The people of Wakefield understand there’s bad apples… look at Harold Shipman. 

“He committed suicide in Wakefield prison, but do we trust our doctors?”

Mr Shipman, who killed himself in 2004, was convicted of murdering at least 15 of his own patients.

But the true death toll is feared to be up to 250, after injecting them with lethal doses of painkillers.

Mr Ahmed said the offence was “absolutely disgusting” and it was “right” for him to be locked up in prison.

But online viewers were quick to slam him for the crass comments.

One said: “Tories – we’re not as bad as Harold Shipman” is quite the slogan.”

Another said: “So a vote for the Tories is a vote for Harold Shipman?”

Boris Johnson faces losing crunch by-elections in Wakefield and Tiverton as voters punish him for ‘partygate’ and the cost of living crunch hits wallets.

Survation has put Labour on course for a landslide victory – where they are 20 points ahead.

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