'No other solution!' EU leader threatens to 'revoke' Brexit as bloc hits back at UK plans

BREXIT should be "revoked" entirely if the UK Government goes ahead with its plans to scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol, the Belgian Prime Minister has threatened.
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  1. Revoke Belgium, no use to man or beast.

  2. When will they realise that we are a sovereign state and can do as we wish without permission from the EU. We should move to WTO and tell the E U to go to Hertford Hereford & Hampshire đŸ˜¡

  3. They only want us to milk our money !!!!!!!
    Tell them to foxtrot Oscar????

  4. JOHNSON will bow to the EU because he never took us all the way out the scumbag

  5. Just love our MONEY

    1. Have we any left, thought it was all borrowed.

  6. Boris is really stuck. If he cancels the NIP then it has a kickback on the GFA. That would be more than irritating.


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