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My daughter was left looking dead behind the eyes after seemingly contracting salmonella from Kinder Egg

My daughter was left looking dead behind the eyes after seemingly contracting salmonella from Kinder Egg My daughter was left looking dead behind the eyes after seemingly contracting salmonella from Kinder Egg

A MUM has claimed her daughter was left looking “dead behind the eyes” after she seemingly got food poisoning from a Kinder egg.

This week thousands of Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs were recalled from shelves due to Salmonella fears.

Charlotte Elizabeth Wingfield
Charlotte Wingfield says her three-year-old daughter Brooklyn-Mai contracted Salmonella[/caption]
Kinder Surprise eggs were recalled earlier this week[/caption]

And now Charlotte Wingfield has said her three-year-old daughter Brooklyn-Mai fell ill after eating one of the dodgy treats.

She claims her tot was left with a 39C temperature and was left “lifeless”.

In a post on Facebook she said: “Brooklyn-Mai has been so so poorly since I picked her up from nursery on Monday. 

“Seeing as I was so ill last week, I thought nothing of it than her just coming down with the tummy bug I had until she slept for 21 out of the following 24 hours and then kept falling asleep as she was doing things.

“Her temperature spiked to over 39° and I struggled to disturb her. I knew something wasn’t right and spoke to the gp who ran through a list of what it could be.

“I came off the phone thinking she had a viral bug. Fast forward three days and it’s been confirmed she has salmonella from the Kinder chocolate she ate on Sunday.”

Salmonellosis develops after ingesting salmonella bacteria, symptoms usually take between 12 and 72 hours to develop.

Typical symptoms of infection include diarrhoea, stomach cramps, and sometimes vomiting and fever.

Charlotte added: “She’s been completely dead behind the eyes and so lifeless.

“It’s been absolutely heartbreaking to see my usually fiery, adventurous and very active baby girl be the complete opposite of everything she usually is.”

The first food alert was issued on Saturday, April 2 – just weeks before Easter weekend.

The company did not explicitly link the recall to the salmonella cases.

But Belgium’s food safety agency AFSCA-FAVV said that a link had been confirmed between more than a hundred cases of salmonella over several weeks and Ferrero production in southern Belgium.


On Wednesday, Europe’s health agency had said it was investigating dozens of suspected cases of salmonella linked with eating chocolate in at least nine countries, mostly among children aged under 10.

The Belgian agency said the decision to suspend production there was taken after it concluded that information from Ferrero was incomplete.

Lifting the suspension will only happen once the plant was shown to be meeting all food safety rules, a spokesman said.

The agency urged consumers not to eat any of the recalled products, which include Kinder Surprise, Kinder Surprise Maxi, Kinder Mini Eggs & Kinder Schokobons.

It is thought that 63 people, mostly young children, have become infected with salmonella in an outbreak linked to Kinder Surprise eggs.

The initial suspected contaminated products were the 20g and three pack of 20g Kinder Surprise eggs with best before dates between July 11 and October 7 2022.

Now, the recall also applies to 100g Kinder Surprise packs with a best-before date between April 20 2022 and August 21 2022, and Kinder Mini eggs 75g packs with a best-before date between April 20 and August 21 2022.

Kinder Egg Hunt Kits 150g with best before dates from April 21 to August 21 2022 have also been recalled.

Kinder Schokobons 200g with a best-before date of April 20 to August 21 2022 have also been taken off the shelves, it was announced today.

To check the best before date, check the side of the 20g packs, or the back or base of the packages for the rest.

It is thought that the contaminated batches are only those that originated in Belgium.

Customers with any of these are being urged not to eat them.

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Instead, the FSA suggests customers contact the Ferrero consumer careline on for a full refund.

Alternatively, you can call Ferrero on 0330 053 8943 if you live in the UK or 0330 053 8943 for those in Ireland.

The Sun has approached Ferrero for comment.

Charlotte says her kid was left looking dead behind the eyes
Charlotte Elizabeth Wingfield

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