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Winterwatch’s Michaela Strachan hits back at critics after being slammed for ‘hypocritical’ habit

WINTERWATCH presenter Michaela Strachan has come under fire for travelling 8,000 miles from the UK to her home in South Africa.

Critics argue the wildlife guru can’t claim she’s environmentally responsible while simultaneously jetting around the globe for work. 

Winterwatch’s Michaela Strachan has come under fire from critics who say she can’t claim to be green while flying so much for work[/caption]

However, she has struck back, asserting that meat-eaters are in no position to condemn her flying due to the harm the meat industry causes the planet. 

The 55-year-old added that she counteracts her carbon footprint in various ways, including planting new trees. 

In an interview with Platinum magazine, she said: “People are so quick to point out people’s negatives without supporting their positives”.

Michaela rose to fame on Saturday-morning telly in the 80s, involved in shows like ITV’s Good Morning Britain and Wide Awake Club with Timmy Mallett. 

In the 90s, she joined the The Really Wild Show on BBC One before going on to report for another of the network’s programmes, Countryfile.   

But the presenter’s move to South Africa meant that it wasn’t possible to fully commit to Countryfile. 

She still lives in South Africa – in Hout Bay, Cape Town – with her partner Nick Chevallier, their son Oliver, and her three step-kids.

Despite the distance, Michaela now manages to host the BBC nature series Winterwatch, as well as its slightly warmer siblings Springwatch and Autumnwatch

Encouraging people to stand behind Boris Johnson in relation to climate change, the Surrey-born star also told Platinum magazine: “Sometimes we focus on the wrong things…

“Boris Johnson, whatever you think about him, whether you’re for or against him, why don’t we try to support the Government and help them get through these difficult times, rather than find the nitty-gritty stuff and pick, pick, pick all the time?”

Michaela lives in South Africa with her partner, son and step-kids[/caption]
Michael returns to the UK to film Springwatch with Jo Charlesworth, Iolo Williams and Gillian Burke[/caption]

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