Rishi Sunak knifed in back by fellow Tory: 'We're going back to Seventies!'

RISHI SUNAK'S liberal spending has been slammed by a fellow Tory MP who claims the party must rediscover "conservatism" to avoid a return to the Seventies.
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  1. Absolutely the Conservatives have been running scared of the leftwing for decades and seem to have decided if you can't beat them join them, just look at extinction Rebellion and black lives matter. Well here's the good news the CONSERVATIVES won a 80 seat majority what more do they want, get on with running our country or become extinct start fighting for our democracy and free speech that includes brexit including Ireland and dealing with the asylum crisis that has gone on for decades which was the result of our government encouraging asylum seekers with the promise of free money and housing while our own people went without all because the leftwing wanted our country on its knees ,and the Conservatives never did have the guts to fight labour and the unions in their class war that they have waged for 100years destroying the very fabric of our country start leading or as you did with Maggie Thatcher make yourselves unelectable for 13years


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