Abandon 'playbook' NOW! Boris given urgent warning to save career as pressure mounts

BORIS JOHNSON needs to completely reinvent himself, letting go of the image that worked for him before the pandemic and scandals hit Downing Street if he is to "save his career", according to a…
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  1. I voted Boris in. I should vote him out.

    The starting point in the Covid rules should be section 73 of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984. This part of the Act states that the Covid regulations, at all times, never applied to Crown Land (which includes No. 10). This only changed if No. 10 made a written agreement to be voluntarily bound – and no one thinks they did. So the regulations almost certainly never applied to number 10.
    Why would this be? The reason is simple: in the 1980s, lawmakers decided that it would be better to allow the government to function during any future national pandemic without having to worry about being caught up in quarantine regulations. The thinking was that by making the government effectively exempt in law, the government could continue to function.

    This is too interesting to ignore.


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