Voters Deservedly Punishing Tories

Voters Deservedly Punishing Tories

Four months ago the Tories had a double digit lead over Labour, now they are 8 points behind. Labour has not suddenly become popular, a series of self-inflicted wounds are hurting the Tories; tax hikes for working people, trying to get Owen Paterson off the hook, pretending partying during lockdown isn’t partying and the general incoherence of a government with a large majority. The calls for Boris to “get a grip” and give the government a sense of serious purpose are almost universal. Boris has lost his supporters in the media; The Sun, Telegraph, Spectator and ourselves want focus and a competent administration with recognisably sound policies, the parliamentary Tory party is finally united in utter dismay with Downing Street, true blue activists are livid and more importantly, the voters are repulsed. They are now telling pollsters that a Starmer-led Labour Party would be the least worst choice… 

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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