Woman shamed after giving herself a pedicure in the middle of the airport

A WOMAN has been slammed after being caught giving herself a pedicure in the middle of the airport.

The video was shared by Instagram user billyo206 who tagged the Passenger Shaming account.

A woman was shammed after being caught giving herself a pedicure at the airport

He said in the video: “DIY pedicure? At the airport? GROSS.”

In the video, the woman has taken her flip-flops off and is resting her bare feet on her suitcase.

She then appears to get a cuticle pen and starts cleaning her toes, picking bits off them.

Many people shared the vomiting emoji, as they were just as horrified.

One person asked: “Why does air travel bring out the worst in people?”

Another person said: “I appreciate the public shaming.”

Someone simply said: “Ewwww.”

It sadly isn’t the first time someone decided to do their beauty regime while travelling

A passenger was spotted giving her sleeping neighbour a pedicure on a flight and filing her bare feet.

And another passenger gave herself a similar pedicure during a flight, allowing her foot shavings to fall onto the floor.

Here are some of the other badly behaved passengers on flights, which includes putting eyelashes on during a flight.

She was caught pushing her cuticles down while waiting for a flight

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