Nadine Dorries Defends Late Night Kuenssberg Tweets

Nadine Dorries Defends Late Night Kuenssberg Tweets

Following Laura Kuenssberg’s tweet last night that a Tory MP claimed Boris “looked weak and sounded weak” at the 1922 Committee, Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries immediately pushed back, in the PM’s defence saying:

“Laura, this is no reflection on you personally, you know I truly respect and like you – but that message is beyond ridiculous. Although not quite as ridiculous as the desperate for your attention and approval person who sent it to you.”

The tweet – subsequently deleted – inevitably resulted in moans from the usual suspects…

Now Dorries has appeared in the Chamber this morning to push back on the criticism, pointing out she “was not rebuking Laura Kuenssberg [and] the tweet was completely misinterpreted.” “Some people do seem to have a problem understanding a conversation of 240 characters”. Quite.

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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