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David Lammy’s £150,000 Second Job Hypocrisy

David Lammy’s £150,000 Second Job Hypocrisy

Taking to his second job as an LBC reporter this Saturday evening, part-time media personality, part-time Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy slammed Geoffrey Cox, Boris Johnson and Theresa May for their lucrative second jobs. Throughout his theatrical diatribe, Lammy claimed that his own second jobs were not comparable to those worked by Cox and May because he was not making a “fraction” of their earnings and because his LBC gig is “important for my constituents”. Guido’s therefore decided to do a comprehensive sum of Lammy’s financial registrations over the years to tot up exactly how much the Tottenham MP has earned…

Since 2010 Lammy has earned an incredible £152,791.82 from national media articles, radio presenter roles, and corporate speaking events – the same wage as the Prime Minister. Notably he received an eye-watering £8,287.50 for presenting just one documentary in 2019, and charged Deloitte £4,100 for 4.5 hours of work. As Guido previously reported, he’s also raked in £20,000 for woke race speeches…

Iain Dale called Lammy’s hypocrisy out on Politics Live this afternoon, asking whether Labour’s ban on second jobs would also hit members with red rosettes as well as blue. Guido has a feeling there’d be more than a few exemptions…

Read the full list of his earnings below. 

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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