Where’s Labour? Second Day of Morning Broadcast No-Show

Where’s Labour? Second Day of Morning Broadcast No-Show

No. 10 feel like they’ve got Labour in a stranglehold when it comes to selling their national insurance rise to the public; they can boast about increasing NHS spending, while still relying on the public to feel that, while taxes are rising, Labour would raise them more. Perhaps it’s this bind that’s resulted in two consecutive days of Labour ducking the all-important morning media round. The only voice that’s been heard, and proffering an alternative social care plan, has been Andy Burnham. A dangerous vacuum for Sir Keir to allow a potential leadership rival to step into…

Meanwhile, both the Labour left and right have been getting increasingly tetchy about their party vacating the field and allowing Boris, Rishi and Saj to dominate the new policy’s sales pitch:

Guido can only presume Sir Keir’s got a killer line of questioning prepared for PMQs…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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