Flight attendant reveals why there are still ashtrays even on new planes

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed why there are still ashtrays on planes – despite being banned for decades.

Smoking on flights was first banned in 1987 in Australia, followed by the US in 1988 and the EU in 1997.

A flight attendant has explained why planes have ashtrays

Despite this, aircraft still have ashtrays onboard, even if they are new planes.

Flight attendant Kaylee, who works for Canadian airline Swoop revealed why this is on her TikTok account to her 20,000 followers.

She said: “Have you ever noticed that even new airplanes have ashtrays? Do you know why?”

She then showed the ashtray, which is found on the inside and outside of the bathroom door, underneath the No Smoking signs.

Many people guessed in the comments as to why this was.

One person said: “Somewhere to safely dispose of a cigarette should you still smoke design the sign.”

Another person said: “It is safer to provide them just in case than to risk a fire onboard.”

Kaylee replied in the comments, saying they were “correct” in their guesses.

Another flight attendant said in the comments: “FA here! It is because people will try and break the rules. We prefer that they use ashtrays to hide their cigarettes instead of causing a fire hazard by hiding it in a small corner.”

Despite the ban being in place for decades, a woman was kicked off a flight just last month after being caught lighting up a cigarette while onboard.

In 2019, a man stunned passengers after smoking on a plane while travelling to Minnesota on a Spirit Airlines flight.

Later that year, an easyJet passenger was caught trying to board a flight while smoking a cigarette – as the plane was being filled with thousands of gallons of fuel.

While most passengers are aware that smoking is banned on flights, many may not realise that vaping is also banned on flights.

Here are some of the other hidden plane features you may never have spotted, including secret hand rails and the important window holes.

Smoking has been banned on flights for decades[/caption]

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