Brexit LIVE: Frost in blunt ultimatum to tear up hated EU deal as frantic Sefcovic panics

BREXIT minister Lord David Frost has issued a final ultimatum to the EU at a time where Maros Sefcovic has called on leaders in Northern Ireland to calm the rhetoric over the protocol.

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  1. We need to scrap the whole deal, go onto WTO terms and then negotiate a proper deal, like the ones we are negotiating with Japan, Australia etc. This time, Bojo should not be allowed near the negotiating table.

    1. This should have been done from the beginning. Instead Blustering Boris jumped into something he knew and understood nothing about with the same arrogance he has done everything else. However, the man who has done everything to obstruct the Brexit may well be the one who finally delivers it. M. Barnier seems to be having a change of heart as he begins his own campaign trail.

  2. Unknown......Its amazing how people can sit at home and slate Boris Johnson as a blustering idiot who knows nothing of what he is doing. Yet they are even less informed with no what makes them an 'expert' that has the knowhow to be able to accuse Boris as a blustering idiot? I suggest you stand for Prime Minister if you know better.


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