Next Friday is #PositiveTwitterDay

Next Friday is #PositiveTwitterDay

Since 2012 Sunder Katwala and Guido have been promoting the idea of the last Friday in August being one day of positive exchanges on Twitter. Next Friday will be the ninth annual #PositiveTwitterDay, where we all try to be a bit nicer on the internet’s favourite pressure cooker website. Guido’s Editor-in-Chief explained to the viewers of Sky News what it’s all about…

The political Twittersphere in particular can be a horribly nasty place. None of us are immune from negativity, Guido is a repeat offender. The Brexit battles made even usually reasonable people bad-tempered; that is now largely behind us. Wouldn’t it be pleasantly calming if, for at least one day, we all tried to be nice and civil in our tweets? We sorely need to try again…

Help spread a bit of civility in these polarised times. Twitter can be a place for the exchange of information rather than the abuse of political opponents. To tweet your support just click this link: #PositiveTwitterDay


* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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