New Love Island Girl Fancies Boris Johnson

New Love Island Girl Fancies Boris Johnson

The political world once again collides with Love Island this week, as new girl Priya Gopaldas admits she has a bit of a thing for the Prime Minister. Asked before arriving on the island who her celebrity crush is, Gopaldas said:

“This is a very strange answer but Boris Johnson. I have a soft spot for him. It’s the confidence, but he is a total sweetheart on the inside and that is what I like in a boy. He’s the Prime Minister, very driven, but then on the inside he’s a cuddly bear. I also love his blonde hair, that does it for me!”

Twitter was predictably incensed. No word yet on what Carrie, who reportedly calls him “Bozzy Bear”, thinks…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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