I left the family WhatsApp group because they kept talking about politics

DEAR DEIDRE: I LEFT our family WhatsApp group because I was fed up with people spouting off about politics.

My cousin didn’t agree with one particular comment. She was then called a moron because she’d voted for Brexit in the referendum.

I feel that nobody should be insulted because of how they vote

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My mum runs the group and I let her know I was unhappy. She said I was blowing it out of proportion, but I feel that nobody should be insulted because of how they vote.

I’m a 52-year-old guy.

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When other members of the group asked me why I’d left, I told them it was a personal choice but I did say it was due to some things that had been said.

Even the person who made the comment wants me to return, but I refused.

DEIDRE SAYS: The subject of politics is highly contentious and often results in heated arguments.

If you want to rejoin the group you may need to put some rules in place stating which subjects are off-topic.

That way you can avoid more insults, by asking them to be more mindful.

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