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Lockdown UK news: Boris Johnson insists Covid self-isolation ‘essential’ as expert warns of 1,000 hospitalisations a day

BORIS Johnson has been ordered to fix the ‘pingdemic’ that is forcing over a million people to self-isolate on so-called Freedom Day.

There are demands that Test and Trace isolation is immediately ditched for the double-jabbed as businesses face crippling staff shortages caused by the pinging of close contacts of those with Covid.

Tens of thousands are deleting the NHS app that pings close contacts of any positive case after a cases spike meant huge numbers, particularly in cities, were being forced to self-isolate at home despite no symptoms.

The pingdemic chaos threatens to dominate so-called Freedom Day, which got underway early as huge queues of Brits entered clubs at midnight for dancing, boozing and partying without any face masks or social distancing.

Meanwhile it was revealed today that millions of Brits are terrified of the inevitable case surge after Freedom Day, with 60% of those polled by YouGov saying they were “uncomfortable” with it, the Mirror reports.

73% of nightclubbers said they weren’t ready to go back, 30% were too worried to use busses and trains, 59% won’t go to large indoors events like concerts, 41% won’t go to large outdoor sporting events, 35% are uncomfortable going to weddings and 43% won’t go to the cinema.

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