Dan Rosenfield: “No Imagination, No Vision. Not Even Good Man-Management Skills”

Dan Rosenfield: “No Imagination, No Vision. Not Even Good Man-Management Skills”

Boris’s Chief of Staff, Dan Rosenfield, has come under renewed fire from government insiders today. On Saturday The Times published a damning profile on the “demoralised” state of No. 10, laying bear the now gaping rift within the Downing Street hierarchy. Multiple sources tell Guido the piece was on the money…

Following Cummings’s departure from Downing Street, No. 10 was desperate to hire a new chief of staff that would bring some order to the top of government. While one source tells Guido Rosenfield has sped up some decision making (“Dom sat on things for too long”) there are now persistent accusations that far from being neutral, Rosenfield “does have an agenda” of his own. Whilst the quiet professionalism of Rosenfield was initially welcomed following Cumming’s pantomime departure, it’s now felt he’s taken the role too far the other way:

“Bring a longtime Treasury official into a top political post, surprise surprise they act like a Treasury official. No imagination, no vision. Not even good man-management skills”

The departure of long-time aide Nikki de Costa from Downing Street is also seen as “very worrying”, with sources allied to her claiming a big part of her reasons for leaving are because she’s fed up of the way [Dan’s] running things”. 

Asked whether Rosenfield will survive, one government source said it wouldn’t look disastrous to sack him now, pointing out no one “cares about this stuff” other than SW1 insiders. One source cited recent rumours that Rosenfield had been making inquiries to mates in the City about the possibility of needing a job soon…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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