Best & Worst Political Reactions to Last Night’s Win

Best & Worst Political Reactions to Last Night’s Win

Political pundits and Westminster hacks (along with the rest of the country) eagerly watched England’s triumphant victory against rivals Germany in last night’s match. Guido has collected the best and worst political reactions.

  • Enjoying the match from the stands Guido spotted, Sadiq Khan, Oliver Dowden, Dan Rosenfield, and David Lammy.
  • Dowden proudly posted an instagram pic of himself celebrating alongside Prince William, George, and Kate Middleton.
  • Boris Johnson took several staged photos with Carrie, featuring the pair enjoying football in the No. 10 offices. However, leaked videos from later in the night, show the PM almost jumping for joy when Kane scored England’s second goal, shouting “Harry Kane’s finally scored”. Boris actually recognised Harry Kane… 
  • Nicola Sturgeon reluctantly congratulated England for their victorious win, tweeting: “still just one team unbeaten by England so far in Euro2020″. 
  • Angela Rayner couldn’t resist making a party political jibe, whilst everyone else was having fun watching the match. She tweeted “I’m genuinely worried Priti Patel would stop football at the border and try to deport it”. 

Last night on Sky News, Isabel Oakeshott accused the Sky News of trying to start a “race row” with the worst take that goal scorer Raheem Sterling should have appeared on more front pages of newspapers. 

Having avoided a national row about the kneeling, could we not avoid a race row when everyone is celebrating?

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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