We WON'T back down: Furious Lord Frost tears VDL's Brexit intervention apart

LORD FROST doubled down on the UK's criticism of Ursula von der Leyen as he launched a fresh attack on the EU's Brexit stubbornness.

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  1. Brexit was a stay or leave vote leave won. Northern Ireland protocol is a ridiculous agreement between the EU an British government the gfa Belfast agreements were used to create a false economy in Northern Ireland. SCRAP THE ILLEGAL NI PROTOCOL AND REMOVE THE BARRIERS TO OUR UK MARKET AN TRADE RESTORE THE PEACE IN NORTHERN IRELAND NOW

    1. Put the border back as it was and allow free movement in NI. Check all people leaving NI as per all foreigners. If that does not satisfy the people of NI then they would be like the EU, wanting all the cake. As for the EU they are all consuming and I am glad to be unable to have some of the benefits they give their citizens.

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