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B-Lister Bercow Banks a Bumper £406,021

B-Lister Bercow Banks a Bumper £406,021

New financial statements from John Bercow’s holding company, Fedhead Limited, reveal the ex-Speaker and Sally have £406,021 in the bank. It’s no wonder when the former Prince of Parliament lets you hire him to wish you happy birthday on Cameo. At £82.50 a go, he’s sure to be raking it in…

Just as well he has because according to his JLA profile (the celebrity guest speaker booking agency), John is only registered as a B-List speaker, with an upper rate of £10,000 for his esteemed presence at your dinner or conference. Even Robert Peston rates himself as an A-Lister…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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