For the world to conquer Covid we cannot afford baseless doubt over the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab to spread

 Deadly disarray

IS it any wonder the EU’s citizens are so terrified of vaccines?

One minute the Oxford jab is deemed safe only for one age group. The next it’s unsafe for them — but safe for others.

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The Oxford/AstraZeneca jab has had a terrible press abroad[/caption]

The latest edict in Germany is that under-60s shouldn’t have it because of some unproven link to rare blood clots.

Angela Merkel is still happy to have it, though (having previously turned it down).

And the European Medicines Agency confirms yet again that there is “no evidence” of any risk. Confused?

This mad panic is based on 31 clotting cases from 2.7million jabbed Germans.

Scientists have no idea whether the drug caused them. They occur naturally anyway.

Angela Merkel says she’s happy to get the AstraZeneca jab despite Germany banning its use on under-60s[/caption]

Even if there is some tiny risk, it is vastly outweighed by the dangers of Covid itself, which include blood clots.

But this is not just damaging for the already sluggish rollout in Germany and across the EU.

It’s a huge blow to the image of a fantastic vaccine which much of the world is relying on.

We only hope others follow Brits’ lead, since an incredible 99.25 per cent of us are taking up our second doses with no qualms at all.

It helps that 18million have already had the Oxford/Astra-Zeneca shot and our drugs regulator says there is no evidence it causes clots.



The jab HAS had a terrible press abroad. It is vital for the makers and our Government to push back.

It is low-cost and easily stored . . . crucial advantages for poorer countries.

For the world to conquer Covid we cannot afford for this epidemic of baseless doubt to spread around the globe.

Court jester

SHE may now have maximum Covid protection, but the Queen still seems to have caught something from her husband.

Meeting an Aussie air force officer yesterday, she asked if his jets were “to chase off the Russians”.

While meeting an Aussie air force officer, the Queen asked if his jets were ‘to chase off the Russians’[/caption]

Just the sort of blunt, cheeky and slightly undiplomatic quip for which Prince Philip is famous.

How refreshing to see Her Maj again — liberated from months of grim lockdown — cheery, smiling and maskless.

Spring is sprung, the sun’s out, the Queen’s out and about too and Covid, touch wood, seems rapidly in retreat.

What’s not to like?

Junk policy

THE full insanity of banning online ads for fast food is now laid bare.

Not only would it have almost zero impact on kids’ weight, as Whitehall research concedes. It WOULD shed thousands of jobs.

Getty - Contributor
Chippies and takeaways would be left with no way to promote themselves if online fast food ads are banned[/caption]

Because the chippies and takeaways which, unlike big chains, cannot afford poster campaigns or TV ads would be left with no way to promote themselves.

We are told this ridiculous idea will be binned. Good. Get on with it.

It is damaging, draconian and profoundly un-Conservative.

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