EU chief Ursula von der Leyen’s unhinged jabs war makes Jean-Claude Juncker look like a statesman

Bungler in chief

IT’S quite the feat to make Jean-Claude Juncker look like a statesman.

But the EU’s woeful Ursula von der Leyen has managed it.

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Jean-Claude Juncker called Ursula von der Leyen’s vaccine war on Britain ‘stupid’[/caption]

Who can fault Juncker’s painfully humiliating assessment of his successor’s unhinged vaccine war on Britain?

It’s “stupid”, he says bluntly. “We used to be the world’s free trade champion. What is the image we’re giving?”

Millions across the EU will be aghast at von der Leyen’s deranged attempts to justify stealing UK AstraZeneca jabs, ordered and paid for under a watertight legal contract. Juncker fears she will cause the EU “reputational damage”. 

Jean-Claude, that ship has sailed.

In January von der Leyen suddenly threatened to impose a hard border in Ireland. Yesterday she implied she was ready to rob our OAPs of their second jabs unless we buckle. These are reckless, dangerous, even despicable calls.

German voters won’t be surprised. She was a deeply unpopular failure of a defence minister who somehow landed Europe’s top job and brought to it her serial incompetence.

What a catastrophe she has been.

Pole losers

WHAT joy we will feel seeing the Union Jack flying 24/7 from all Government buildings under the Tories’ new edict.

A delight which, we admit, is only enhanced by the anguish this harmless display of national pride causes the Left.

Seeing the Union Jack flying 24/7 from Government buildings must cause the L:eft anguish[/caption]

Those who resent the UK or English flags unfailingly find those of the EU or other countries far more uplifting. Why?

George Orwell once wrote that “England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality”. They would, he said, be happier stealing from the poor than rising for the national anthem.

That was in 1941. Eighty years later the Left haven’t changed. And every four years or so they lose an election.

Can the two possibly be connected?

Non starter, Ed

IT’S easy to mock Ed Miliband for demanding an “electric car revolution” when he doesn’t own one himself. And we will.

You might think the ex-Labour leader would have foreseen such an obvious pratfall before doing interviews ­plugging his idea for financing the super-pricey battery motors.

Electric cars don’t seem good value even to a man with a £2million London mansion like Ed Miliband[/caption]

And his “defence”, that he has an electric bike on order, was even barmier. Since they need power, they’re LESS eco-friendly than a normal bike.

But there is a serious side to all this.

Unlike 99 per cent of Britain, a man with a £2million twin-kitchened London mansion CAN afford an electric vehicle.

But if they’re still such poor value, with dismal range and charging woes, that they cannot enthuse committed eco-warriors like Ed, what hope for the rest of us?

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