We must accept at least a little risk to avoid a fourth crippling lockdown

A fine balance

BORIS Johnson is a born risk-taker.

He gambled with the Tory leadership and won, then held his nerve with the EU to get Brexit done.

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We must accept at least a little risk to avoid a fourth crippling lockdown[/caption]

The PM also bet the farm on buying up millions of vaccines to beat Covid-19 and now one in three adults in this country has been jabbed.

But caution is writ large through his lockdown-easing Roadmap to Recovery. Eight weeks until the shops re-open or until you can stand outside a pub clutching a plastic pint glass. Home-working to go on, possibly for months.

While we make this slow walk to freedom, Boris will be besieged by scientists who won’t be happy to unlock the UK until Covid infections reach zero.

Such a strategy would see thousands die of non-Covid related illnesses such as cancers and strokes as NHS waiting lists spiral. Tens of thousands more businesses would go to the wall.

Scenes of folk crowded into parks this weekend show patience with the lockdown is already wearing thin and could crack completely as Spring arrives.

Boris is understandably desperate to avoid a fourth crippling lockdown.

But we must learn to live with this virus. And accept at least a little risk.

School bullies

THE PM’s determination to open schools on March 8 is welcome but there is one immediate roadblock on his roadmap.

Hard-left teaching unions have vowed to disrupt the plans and keep classrooms shut.

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Labour Sir Keir Starmer is prepared to defy hard-left teaching unions who vowed to disrupt the plans to reopen schools on March 8[/caption]

Blinded by their baked-in hatred of the Tories, they appear not to care about the future of the pupils in their charge.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is seemingly prepared to defy his union paymasters by saying he wants all schools open.

So far it’s just words from Captain Hindsight. When the crunch comes, let’s see if he really means it.

Bad Penny

WHAT on earth was Penny Mordaunt thinking when she breached a long-standing ban on ministers holding talks with the Muslim Council of Britain?

Giving time to a group whose former members have called for acts of violence against Israel is nothing for a Cabinet Office minister to boast about.

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Penny Mordaunt should know better than to boast about breaching a long-standing ban by meeting with the Muslim Council of Britain[/caption]

As a former Defence Secretary she should know the score.

Euros vision

THREE cheers for vaccine pacesetter Britain offering to step in and host the entire Euros football championship.

We fondly remember 1996’s golden summer of Gazza, Skinner and Baddiel.

What better way to help the country out of Covid woe than bringing football home?

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