Roger Gale Calls on Boris to Resign if No Deal

Roger Gale Calls on Boris to Resign if No Deal

Anti-Brexit backbencher Roger Gale was one of only two Tory MPs to oppose the Internal Market Bill at its second reading. Now he is upping his opposition to Government with an extraordinary call for Boris to resign if no deal is agreed with the EU. This would, of course, effectively give Brussels the power to get rid of the PM by rejecting any deal, something Guido is sure would surely tempt the likes of Von der Leyen. This morning Gale issued a statement saying:

“If Mr Johnson fails to reach an acceptable trade agreement with the EU the Prime Minister will also have failed the people of the United Kingdom. As a lifelong member of the Conservative Party, I believe that Mr Johnson’s position as Prime Minister would be untenable.

As an honourable man, he would have to make way for somebody more able to pick up the pieces, to re-unite the whole Country and to show the leadership that Great Britain and Northern Ireland deserves.”

Gale, who enthusiastically campaigned for Jeremy Hunt in the leadership election, is unlikely to win round many colleagues with this line of argument…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes