Britain and Brussels to begin secret Brexit trade talks dubbed ‘Le Submarine’ after major breakthrough

BRITAIN and Brussels will next week begin two weeks of intense secret trade talks dubbed “Le Submarine” after a major breakthrough. Boris Johnson is to virtually meet EU Commission chief Ursula…


  1. If Boris just thinks of the benefits for the UK and ignores the threats and pleadings of the EU leaders then then he does have a good chance of winning the next General Election.

    If however, he makes concessions to.please the Republic of Ireland, the French or the Germans which results in a less favourable result for the UK then.he can.kiss goodbye to.still being Prime Minister after the next General Election.

    The people of the UK OWE NOTHING AT ALL TO THE EU, having paid in.far far more than we have ever received and if this is not on the PM'S mind when he finalises our leaving.then.clearly he is not following up.his strong words of the past - and that will have serious consequences for the Conservative Party.


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