Theresa May attacks 'reckless' Boris Johnson as she threatens to lead Brexit rebellion

THERESA MAY launched a furious attack on the Prime Minister's decision to override the Brexit withdrawal agreement as she issued serious warnings to the Government in a fiery House of Commons rant.


  1. If this silly woman had displayed some courage and patriotism when she was negotiating with the EU instead of allowing the EU representatives to humiliate her AND OUR COUNTRY she may have remained as our PM.

    As it was she was like a fish out of water and her behaviour made all decent loyal and proud UK citizens feel ashamed at the way she allowed herself the subject of such humiliating sarcasm and mucky taking by the EU leaders.

    For her to now offer any advice or to criticise anything Boris Johnson says to the EU is an absolute disgrace and she should keep.her mouth closed.
    We need someone who plays the EU at their own game - not another snivelling, fawning, crawling, grovelling negotiator like she was - and still would be if given the chance again.

    Just keep quiet Teresa, you are no.longer of any use to.our country or its people - if you ever were.


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