Starmer: Boris isn’t Trump, Avoids Calling him a “Poor Leader”

In a wide-ranging interview with Sky News, Keir Starmer rejected Democrat presidential candidate Jo Biden’s description of Boris as the “physical and emotional clone of Donald Trump”, also avoiding Beth Rigby’s attempts to get him to describe the PM as a “poor leader”. TrotsApp won’t be happy about his rejection of this opportunity…

Sir Keir used the rest of the interview to double down on his opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement’s demands to defund the police – saying “my argument is we need more funding for police in this country”

He also denied his decision to sack Rebecca Long-Bailey was “not a left-right issue”, saying he has “no intention to purge the party at all”

The knight doth protest too much…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes