What the 2019 SNP manifesto says about Brexit

The SNP’s 2019 manifesto, ‘Stronger for Scotland’ has been published today, and features a photograph of the Party’s Leader Nicola Sturgeon, stood behind a “Stop Brexit” lectern, so it comes as no surprise to see that the key line in the document states that the Party wants to “escape from Brexit,” and backs a second EU referendum:

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU but has been completely ignored by Westminster and our interests have been trampled over throughout the entire process. This is unacceptable. There is no way that Brexit will be done in the next few months. Instead it will go on for years as the UK has to try to negotiate trade agreements with the EU and countries around the world. We will work with others across Scotland and the UK to escape from Brexit. In a UK context, we will support a second EU referendum with Remain on the ballot paper. And if it is the only alternative to a ‘no deal’ Brexit, we will support the revocation of Article 50.” 

The manifesto also makes clear that the SNP “will support the revocation of Article 50,” and that it wants the UK to “remain as close to the EU as possible”.

Regarding the Prime Minister’s deal, the Party does not support it, stating the below:

  • “The Boris Johnson deal does not get Brexit done. It will just herald the start of lengthy and complex trade talks. It opens the door to many more years of Brexit dominating Westminster politics. And if trade talks fail next year, or don’t reach a conclusion in time, a no deal Brexit will be back on the table”
  • “The trade deal the Tories plan with Donald Trump also risks opening the NHS up to US multinational companies”
  • “It risks opening our markets to chlorinated chicken and hormone injected beef”
  • “It will make Scotland poorer – a GDP loss equivalent to £1,600 per person by the end of the next decade – compared with continuing EU membership”
  • “And by ending freedom of movement it will increase the risk of Scotland’s working population falling, damaging our economy, prosperity and public services”

On fisheries, the document sets out the below policy:

If we leave the EU, we will seek to protect our fishing interests by insisting on Scotland playing a central role in future annual negotiations.”

  • “The SNP is clear that access to Scotland’s waters must not be traded away permanently by the UK Government, nor should our waters be closed off to our international neighbours and partners”
  • “The UK Government must also not enter into annual access arrangements which harm Scotland’s fishing interests”
  • “SNP MPs will also seek to ensure that the same standards apply to all vessels fishing in our waters and that the UK Government funds all appropriate, additional compliance measures arising from being an independent coastal state”
  • “If we remain within the EU, the SNP will push, as we always have, for fundamental reform of the CFP to shift from a one size fits all fishing policy towards a policy which suits different fleets and different geography”

And regarding immigration, the manifesto states that the Partywill seek the devolution of immigration powers so that Scotland can have an migration system that works for our economy and society”.

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