What the 2019 Plaid Cymru manifesto says about Brexit

The Plaid Cymru General Election 2019 manifesto, ‘Wales, it’s us.’ has been published, and the key message on Brexit is:

Plaid Cymru has long campaigned for a People’s Vote to end the Brexit crisis, to safeguard Wales’s place in Europe and the thousands of jobs that depend upon our EU membership.”

Regarding Boris Johnson’s deal, the document states the below:

  • “Plaid Cymru strongly opposes Boris Johnson’s catastrophic Brexit deal”
  • “It takes us on a trajectory out of the Single Market and Customs Union”
  • “It fails to guarantee workers’ rights and environmental standards”
  • “It puts a hard border in the Irish Sea, creating chaos in Holyhead and Fishguard”

Plaid Cymru will do everything in our power to protect them. It denies a say for our Senedd. Despite having consistently voted in favour of remaining in the Single Market and Customs Union, and supporting a People’s Vote, our parliament has been ignored throughout.

The manifesto is clear that Plaid Cymru will not support a no-deal Brexit scenario, and states the below reasons for why the Party would prefer to remain in the European Union:

  • “Brexit would lead to a severe reduction in the growth of the Welsh economy”
  • “Remaining in the EU will give the economy certainty it has lacked for three years”
  • “Brexit would lead to huge import tariffs”
  • “Remaining in the EU would allow farmers to maintain their current markets without disruption”
  • “Brexit will lead to huge uncertainty for the thousands of EU citizens in our communities in Wales, and to those from Wales living in the rest of Europe”
  • “Remaining in the EU means equality – welcoming EU citizens to Wales and giving our young people the chance to live, work and study across the EU”

And on immigration, the document states that the Party would pursue the below initiatives:

  • “Create a Welsh Migration Advisory Service so that we can have a system that plugs skills gaps” 
  • “Seek the devolution of migration policy, so that Wales can set its own migration quota according to our own needs, with greater flexibility”

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  1. Wales voted to leave another bunch of nobodys stabbing us in the back


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