Was Arron Banks’ Twitter account hacked and what was leaked?

THE founder of pro-Brexit campaign Leave.EU says his Twitter account has been hacked, with thousands of private messages spanning several years leaked to the site.

The Brexiteer criticised Twitter bosses, accusing them of taking too long to remove the information. Here’s everything we know.

Banks accused Twitter of ‘deliberately choosing’ to leave his personal information online
PA:Press Association

Was Arron Banks’ Twitter account hacked?

Arron Banks claimed his Twitter account had been hacked after personal messages were leaked.

The messages are reported to have spanned several years.

He also blasted the social media platform, accusing them of deliberately leaving his personal information online.

Pro-Brexit campaigner Banks said in a statement on November 19: “I became aware last night that my Twitter account had been hacked and that persons involved have posted personal data obtained illegally via Twitter.

“The matter has been reported to the police.

Banks was previously investigated due to concerns over funding
PA:Press Association

“Twitter were notified 12 hours ago, and despite repeated requests they have taken no action to deactivate the account or remove the illegal data downloads.

“Despite the obvious lack of security at Twitter relating to personal data, they have deliberately chosen to leave data in the public domain.”

His Twitter account has since been suspended.

What was leaked?

Thousands of personal direct messages reported to span several years were shared to the site by hackers.

Computer security experts have claimed the sharing of the alleged private messages could land Twitter users arrested.

A police probe has been launched into the incident, with officers “investigating whether any offences have been committed.”

The warnings came as fake messages from Banks’ account were also circulated.

Who is Arron Banks?

Banks is a businessman and political doner who co-founded the Leave.EU campaign – he had previously been one of the largest UKIP donors.

In November 2018 the National Crime Agency launched an investigation into Banks and Leave.EU after concerns were raised about funding sources – but this investigation has since been dropped.


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