Viewers promise to 'switch off' as BBC Question Time announce panel 'full of Remainers'

BBC Question Time has once again come under fire for its Remainer bias with tonight's panel featuring no Brexiteers whatsoever on its panel of five.

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  1. I would rather remove both my ears with a cheese grater than listen to this bunch of sour losers aided and abetted by the delightful Fiona. It is well past time to abolish the television licence.

  2. this morning Thurs 21st on the BBC news channell there was not one mention of the Election in a few weeks or Brexit, not one, lots of the U.S. ripping itself apart and the Donald being bashed, so now they're ignoring it because it looks like its not going their way. Question time has been enraging people for months now, Vote TORY and BREXIT lets start standing up for ourselves, get rid of the TV licence, the House of Lords and the bloody EU

  3. For the past few weeks the BBC has been trying its best not to show a single Brexiteer on its new channels. I know Jeremy Corbins manifesto inside out but I am not sure what anybody else stands for. In the middle of this they have managed to ruin one of the Queen's sons with that ridiculous interview which is gossip not news and now they are showing the President of the USA being accused of something the Democrats can bash him with on both new Channels. Well done BBC we get more of the proper news from Piers Morgan on GMB, maybe we should all pay our license money to him.

  4. The impeachment campaign is falling apart, just like the Russian colusion attempt fell apart earlier. It is a smear campaign promoted by the Looney Left and the seriously biased media. "Why," you might ask? There is no reason at all to drag the most democratic country in the world through the dirt. But, they are driven to do it.

  5. Do real people actually watch the Brussels Bullshit Corp any more?


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