Tory Candidate’s Puppy Love with Carrie

Tory Candidate’s Puppy Love with Carrie

This election, Carrie is fully pitching in, not only campaigning in London marginals, but travelling the country to help female Tory candidates. She is not alone, however, as loyally following her around is Dilyn – Boris and Carrie’s newly-adopted puppy. Carrie must be adoring the pup-arazzi…

Arriving in the super-marginal seat of Bishop Aukland yesterday to help candidate Dehenna Davison, Dilyn was clearly delighted to be united with a new furry friend.

Not only are the two political pups, but they’re both rescue dogs; with Dilyn coming from the Friends of Animals Wales and Davison’s pup from her local Dogs Trust. With this furocious team, it’s just about pawsible the Tories can take Bishop Aukland (if the voters throw Dehenna a bone)…

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